Britains Cheapest Brothel

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RRFHASBEEN, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. One of them is Bobby Ball !!
  2. my eyes my eyes
  3. Credit crunch prostitution.
  4. I'm fecking shocked that even some dodgy scouser would shag this:

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  5. “At first I thought there was a cigarette smuggling racket going on, so I went to have a closer look."

    Haha, that old chesnut!


    I'll tell that to the missus next time!
  6. The one on the far right, is that a man or a woman with a beast of a tash, maybe she got skiffed for chocolate buttons.

    I dont think Id even give them a chocolate button 8O
  7. Normally..the shout of "i ve done worse" would come up....the only thing thats coming up at the moment is my lunch.....that is fecking horrible
  9. The one on the left would look like Mr. Magoo without her wig on.
  10. It wouldn't bother Mr Rooney.
  11. They ripped me off, I was made to pay £2.50 and share my packed of Rolos.
  12. Dam they are rough. I think even some of the people on here would struggle to get it up for them
  13. No. 2 used to be a kid's TV star in the 80s. Konnie Huq beware!

  14. Bob Geldof in picture 3 has certainly come down in the world since live aid 8O