Britains broken courts system

According to reports he received the following non custodial sentence for this offence:

Yesterday, magistrate Stuart Chittenden told Abdullah his offence was 'abhorrent to society' as he ordered him to pay £200 and carry out 240 hours’ unpaid work.

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His prison sentence was 'suspended' for a previous offence and he will now serve it-12 weeks!

The man has a number of previous convictions in UK
They started spitting at me so I spat back. They were being racist, this was a racist attack
Well, it works for everyone else, right?
Sounds about as reliable as all the other "sentences" I watch get handed down.

I honestly heard a Judge start one sentence speech for ABH "It is your good fortune our prisons are full"

The Magistrates were hardly going to impose a full term of imprisonment, sadly.

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