Britain's Airborne Forces of WWII

This is another superb reference guide, lavishly illustrated with pictures. These are mainly from the author's own collection. He must have a garage the envy of most of us, to quote "Thanks must go to my partner Sarah for pressing me to do something with all the junk in the garage"

As the title states, it covers the WWII period but shows not only the NW Europe and Desert fronts but areas such as the Far East, Greece and Norway. these are places that I for one hadn't realised they had been in.

AB WWII 2.jpg
The contemporary photos are in black and white, but everything from his vast collection is in colour. this makes the book invaluable to modellers and is IMO is a must-have for that very reason to anyone interested in the subject and/or period.

There's a brief (understandably given the size of the book and period covered) but well written and laid out text in between the many illustrations, as mentioned the illustrations are the making of the book. Every kind of item is displayed here down to ration packs and first aid kits.
To sum up it's a must for anybody with the slightest interest in the field and a treasure trove for modellers.

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