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Britain. Where the discerning war criminals claim asylum.

Sounds like a low level mook.
Bit like grabbing pvt 3rd class hans and blaming him for the warsaw ghetto :(
Ship him back tonsudan let him take his chances.
I agree that he be allowed to stay, but he should be held in prison conditions and put before the ICC as soon as possible, and he might be forthcoming with other names for more trials. Then he should be executed/put away for a very long time.

don't believe this Mail rubbish, nothing in the Guardian about it so must be more right wing rubbish, just like all this stuff about nice muslims when we all know that the UKIP carried out 9/11!!
I see the Supreme Court has allowed five ex-Mau Mau leave to try to sue us for apparently torturing them fifty-odd years ago, although I notice they're being cagey about how many of their own they tortured at the same time.

This little shit is the other side of the same coin - as far as I'm concerned we should do a Saddam on him, I'm sure there are some innovative executioners in Somalia just waiting for the trial to finish (about five minutes after it starts)...

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