Britain was becoming a "divided society

Is Britain a "divided society"?

  • The UK was, is and will be "divided society"

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  • Yes but other countries are more "divided"

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  • Yes but degree of "division" is insignificant

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  • Rather no

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  • No, the UK is a country of equal opportunities

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Cherie Blair re-ignited the debate within the Labour Party over the cost of handbags yesterday after she was pictured at the G8 summit with her own £895 accessory.
But the move potentially thrusts her into a war of words between two of Labour's deputy leader candidates - Harriet Harman, the justice minister, and Hazel Blears, the party chairman.

Miss Harman, who said she had never spent more than £50 on a bag, said in an earlier debate that Britain was becoming a "divided society'' in which some people "spend £10,000 on a handbag''.

Miss Blears hit back: "I don't think it's the job of politicians to tell people what to spend their money on.'' She admitted that her black leather Orla Kiely bag had cost "around £250''.

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