Britain to sue EU to stop Benefit Tourism?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sunnoficarus, Nov 5, 2011.

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  1. Monkeys will fly out of his butt first

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  2. He'll bend over and take it like a good boy

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  3. I for one welcome my old age pension being cut to pay for Abdul and Igors

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  1. The fucktarded is strong in this one!

    I'll be completely honest, Icarus, I cannae be arsed reading the article but if it means what I think it means then I am absolutely baffled. This is akin to the "No planes + no fly zone = Government full of fuckwits" argument that was in the NAAFI bar. Except this time it's "Continent with no money + sueing them = Government full of fuckwits" as the joke.
    You never know, though, if we sue Europe we might get some of our Greek money back!
  2. Just cut the benefits to Below the EU average.
    Remove the motivation and this should help cut the numbers.

    The more I see of Cameroon and his government the less I like.
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  3. Rabble rabble rabble
  4. The popular kids have got their thing going on and we are not part of it, again. Last time that happened we had to defend the skies.

    Clegg's head spinning backward in disgust is probably worth watching though.

    What a ****ing shame.
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  5. What is wrong with contribution-based benefits for economic migrants? i.e. Once you've paid sufficient national insurance contributions you have a six month 'cushion' to fall back on but nothing else. That system seemed fine to me.

    On the plus side, we could just send all our unemployed to Ireland and Germany.
  6. about time to! we should stop these foreign spongers immediately.
  7. Same rules for British benefit claimants (If I was in charge).

    8 hours picking up litter (in Britian) would earn you 8 hours of slightly less than n=minimum wage.
  8. Never happen in my lifetie old son.

    Now if you excuse me, im off to claim an OAP in the Ukraine - It must be nice there, all the people keep leaving.
  9. I don't mind all those new Rumanian gippo pick-pocket neighbours we have, sponging to **** and shitting in the street. At least they aren't welsh!