Britain To Remove Vector Vehicle From Afghan Operations

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, May 2, 2009.

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  1. Britain To Remove Vector Vehicle From Afghan Operations

    Published: 1 May 2009 15:54

    LONDON - Britain is to withdraw the recently purchased Vector armored vehicle from operations in Afghanistan after admitting it is too vulnerable as roadside bombs get bigger.

    The MoD bought nearly 200 of the protected patrol vehicles for units in Afghanistan and Iraq, rushing the first ones into service in early 2007 to replace Snatch Land Rovers in which several British troops had been killed by roadside bombs.

    An MoD spokesman confirmed the intention to withdraw the vehicle in a May 1 statement.

    "Since its introduction to theater, the evolving threat from larger improvised explosive devices on operations has led to a requirement for more medium and heavy capability vehicles to withstand these devices," the spokesman said. "Following the delivery of Mastiff 2, Ridgback and vehicles from the protected mobility package announced [by the MoD] in October 2008, we intend to withdraw Vector from operations in Afghanistan. This will be a phased withdrawal and will not lead to any capability gap."

    Sources said many of the six-wheel-drive Vectors are already sitting in vehicle parks, unused by troops who have moved to the more heavily protected Force Protection Cougar vehicle, known in British Army service as the Mastiff.

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  2. I'm shocked...

    Oh wait :lol:
  3. 'bout time they're friggin death traps
  4. Nothing to see here folks....please move on!
  5. Anyone aware these going to take on a more policing/peacekeeping/security sort of role, like Snatch might? Or just be binned altogether?

    And Mastiff 2? That's not the shorter Ridgeback version is it?
  6. Mmmm, Vector. I think parts were a bit of an issue with them.

    I only say that as there was one parked up VOR when I arrived and it was still in the same place in the same state when I left 6 months later.

    Considering the unit was having issues getting wagons out the gate I don't think this was because they didn't wat to use it. They were stuck with the SNATCHes and WIMKs that were falling apart at an alarming rate.

    WMIKs are great x country, SNATCH are not.
  7. One down, snatch to go!
  8. pardon my stupidity is this the one on the 6x6 pinz chassis?
  9. No, MASTIFF 2 is improved MASTIFF 1....suspension etc.
    RIDGEBACK is a 4 wheeled MASTIFF1/2.
  10. quite right! not that ive ever been on ops with them but one look just says its not exactly very secure
  11. Cheers CH. O and a bit offtopic but did you get to try out those Coyotes like you said?
  12. they did seem unsuitable for the role
  13. Yes i did, took one out until the SUPACAT demo driver next to me said "feck me, slow down im getting soaked here"!!
  14. Hmmm, nice phots. They going to use it just for supplies or could you get a section on the back there, if rigged up right?

    Sorry, I should stop dragging this offtopic - but that does look like a beast of a wagon...