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Britain To Get CVF Supercarriers?

"After all, a couple of aircraft carriers aren't going to lift anybody out of poverty, are they? "

Cruel, very Cruel.
But I like your style.
smoojalooge said:
The origanal design cost 3 bil for the pair was fully automated so minimum crewing (around 1000) was fully catapult equipped and had pod engines for better manoueving

The new ones are 800mil dearer not fully automated, have no weapon systems, shaft engines and from what is said here no catapult. oh last i heard the project was on hold.

So once again BAe and the MOD totally balls up a good design
Sad to say situation Normal, they will never learn.
Ancient_Mariner said:
After all, a couple of aircraft carriers aren't going to lift anybody out of poverty, are they?
To be honest they are more likely to than spending through any of New Labours attempts at applied socialism.
I heard the septics build carriers by constructing it around 4 ice cream making machines !.
Bouillabaisse said:
smoojalooge said:
So once again BAe and the MOD totally balls up a good design
Be fair - its a joint programme, BAE and Thales.

ObnoxiousJockGit said:
the original points of design i discussed were the Thales design plan. BAe took some off because their 'preferred suppliers' didn't have the technical capability to build them.

The rest the MOD got rid of to save money by cutting corners.
I'll be bloody surprised if these carriers make it into service by 2015 to be honest.

And with aircraft on them...

Of course, if Pompey Dockyard is closed, that won't help either.
Fred_Cat said:
Unfortunately the JSF is too heavy for V/STOL!
That got fixed years ago, and the problem was only ever how much fuel it could still land with while carrying two bombs as well. The RN was happy, the USMC wanted more fuel.
Anyway, it's STOVL (short take off and vertical landing) rather than VTOL (vertical take off and landing) - vertical takeoff is chronically inefficient and not very useful.
Don't hold your breath...the socialist candidate for the 2007 presidential election in France has already said he'd most probably kill the project...at the moment, the socialists are in the leading position in the polls...and even if Sarkozy, the conservative candidate wins, he also is not very keen on spending more on the armed forces...

To try to push the project ahead, Chirac has asked for 700 millions euros to be earmarked for the PA2 (French name for the CVF) before he leaves next year so as to make a cancellation of the whole program too expensive...
Fred_Cat said:
Its only a boat with a flat roof, how complicated can it be FFS????!!!!!!
you are talking about the MOD Procurement system remember.

remember the story of £1400'ish replacement gearbox from MOD approved contractor (or similar bit) for Warriors that was in the press about 6 months to a year ago, with a normal engineering company saying they could make them for between £100 to £300.
no suprise there. still they'l just end up savin money by cancelling the engines and issuing rowing oars
Sir, could you please name the place and time of said that eating?

Ah....cross post...
Damnation! Not for the first time, my past has come back to haunt me. In my defence, it has taken a very long time to build the carriers. Is it OK to just eat the brim of the hat?
This is a charity event in the offering. The boiled brim of a straw boater?

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