Britain to be smoke free in 20 years

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Joker62, Sep 1, 2012.

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  1. As I write, some daft old bat from ASH on Sky has declared that they want GB to be free from smokers within 20 years. What happened to freedom of choice? Higgs Bosun need not reply as we already know your opinion as we've had it rammed down our throats often enough.
  2. In other words 'I only want to hear opinions that back up my views' What ever happened to freedom to hold alternate views?
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  3. i don't smoke,but i certainly dont have a problem with those that do,a total ban on smoking is a shit idea
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  4. Agreed, plus does what the NHS expend in money to treat the numerous health issues attributed to smoking really out weigh the duty generated from the sale of tobacco products?
  5. I think Mr Hicks had it right. "I do smoke, and if that bothers you, I suggest you take a look around at the world we live in and shut your ****ing mouth!"
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  6. I think all these people sitting on their high horses should clamp it. It doesn't directly affect them so why bother with it. They say it costs the NHS 2.7bn a year to try and help these smokers? why not leave them to be on there way smoking as they like, I dont understand it at all.
  7. "We" also want it Weed free, crack free, coke free, smack free... Etc.

    We have done for quite a while.

    As a matter of interest I've heard that the biggest single factor in reducing the availability of smack in Britain is the price of fags here. You can smuggle fags and make a "drug baron-esque" profit without the associated risks.
  8. And porn free!!! The miserable pc brigade are winning!
  9. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    With prostitution still regarded as being one of the oldest professions I fail to see a world without porn - a world without free porn is more likely though

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  10. No free porn??? Go and wash your mouth out, young lady!!!!
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  11. I don't think this idea has been thought through given the mobility of the world's populaton.
    If smoking is banned, will travellers [millions of them visiting or transiting through the UK] be searched for contraband?
    Has the effect on trade and tourism been taken into the equation when people will avoid the UK?
    Will the Scottish Parliament have a different take on this?
    Will it be overturned in some international court as a breach of one's human rights?
    Will this mean yet another govenment employment of non-weath producing jobs-worths in their tens of thousands trying
    to enforce what will, imo, be unenforceable?
    Will the 10 Billion plus that tobacco taxation produces be clawed back in some other way?

    Just a few of the probably hundreds of adverse affects of such a move that will beggar the UK.
  12. At least in '1984' and 'Brave new world' the proles got cheap gin or drugs, 'Soma' I think.
    ASH, the various anti blood sports, drugs, sex, and other anti fun brigades will not rest easy until the UK is a uniformly drab, souless hive, of people mouthing the catechisms of equality, diversity, and freedom. All being reduced to the same level of boredom and despair.
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  13. Britain smoke free? Not as long as Jarrod's got a merc with a big boot it won't be!
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  14. Let's be honest, much like obese sedentary people that have spent decades necking Ginsters & avoiding physical activity it's not like their going to avoid heavily utilising the NHS for their failing health out of principle for their personal lifestyle choice.

    If smokers' etc want to sign medical disclaimers stating that they're happy to rely purely on funding their private healthcare to treat their future tobacco related illnesses then yea crack on.

    On the other hand, there's that much pollutants, carcinogens etc in the atmosphere nowadays I don't think it's as clear cut as attributing peoples' health only to their lifestyle choices.
  15. This debate is quite funny. I live in NZ and the Govt want a smoke free New Zealand by 2020 or something, the interesting thing is that only 4 million people live in NZ, the cost of treating smokers has now out stripped the revenue the govt. receive from smokers so, they are now funding a drug called champex that takes the craving for a smoke away, a smoker can get this for 3 bucks a month to help them quit. ..... It works as well :)