Britain to be most crowded nation

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HarryPalmer, Aug 27, 2008.

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  1. What's the predicted population of Africa in 2060?
    They'll probably invade Europe, who will be too old to fight them off.
  2. Couldn't we sell some people to the Germans? Sounds like they need 10 or so million. As long as they weren't transported via rail,I can't see there being too much of an outcry.
  3. I'll probably be dead by then,so not too worried about it.
  4. Tell you what - lets just sack all the immigrant workers and send them home.

    Whoops, bang goes the NHS as well.
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    That's nice - Labliar and the Home Office stating that they are really clever to sort this one out by introducing a 'Points System'.


    So, it wasn't Labliar and the Home Office that let in over 2 milliom since 1997 and is currently issuing passports at 1 every three minutes right now then?

    Two-faced, lying, gerrymandering, hypocritical throbbers, the lot of them.

    "Look folks, we know that there's no money left in the pot, because the gold has been sold, the country is on its knees and all the big multinational conglomerates have packed up and p!ssed off, but don't you worry about a thing, you're in good hands, because we're printing some new penny coins with a snazzy logo on."
  6. Is that the 'angry bus' I see on the horizon?
  7. Looks more like the outrage cruise ship. :D
  10. Beat me to it, you swine
  11. Time to push a few off the white cliffs to create some space then?
  12. my Grandad would be going mad over this, and his Dad

    they fought in two World Wars, for OUR freedom, and this is slowly turning into a freedom for other nations

    soultion: send all occupants of a non-British origin back were they come from, fcuk political correctness

    my dad once said to me; is this country worth fighting for!?

    the way thigns are going........
  13. With all the extra people and the obesity rates creeping up the isle will sink with all the extra weight...
  14. Steady on! If we give 'them' back they'll give ours back and then we'll be even more overcrowded and Australia would inhabited by only Aboroginies again mate!
  15. To quote the South Park Movie:

    'BLAME CANADA!' :)