Britain threatens to withdraw from JSF project

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taz_786, Mar 15, 2006.

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  1. This is a riculous thread to have started - obviously those reading it will not understand that when you are allies you are not equal (or even perhaps on the same side) but are putting one's personnel where they can take the flak for the more valuable allies and are, as allies, nothing more than customers who should pay up and accept what their bigger and better allies give them!

    Wish they would tell them where to park their a/c and while we're at it bring back the SLR or move towards a weapon that is more than just an urban warfare toy (.223 - bleah - give me 7.62 mm). There are so many areas where we re-invent (or purchase) the wheel yet again when there is weaponry that has stood the test of time (M16, FM, GMPE - what use is the lsw with 30 rounds of BB?) or better still is developed and built within our shores?

    Whilst on my soapbox (horrible funeral visit today so can let off steam here I guess :) ) why do we need to buy propellant (nasty bang powder) from western mainland Europe when we used to make perfectly good stuff here? Perhaps we can source it from an Iraqi supplier and complete the idiocy.

    Taz, thank you for this - going out now to scour local area for cat to kick.

    Will the septics never grasp the concept of partnership or even plain customer service?

  2. I don't think there's much to worry about on this. Drayson was in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee. The problem originates in the House of Representatives. My first guess is that Drayson's testimony is to be used as ammunition by the Senate (who tend to be altogether more sensible than the House when it comes to policy matters) when the appropriate piece of legislation goes into conference. The House will fold after making a political point (they don't want to lose export orders any more than anybody else involved) we'll get the appropriate toys and everyone is happy.
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Not quite that simple.

    Technology transfer is one of these things that really matters. It is often done on a quid pro quo basis but in respect to this ac, if we don't have the full tech pack then we decrease the capability of the plane substanially.

    We bought in to this project to meet a capability. If that capability is no longer going to filled, then we (UK PLC) have to look elsewhere to find it.

    Why bother buying "damaged" goods? :?
  4. So much for the myth of the "special relationship".
  5. The USA have cut Rolls-Royce out of the package which means that there is no "British" VTOL on the horizon which is the variant we were after. We can barely afford today's essentials having committed to buy every other light blue bod his own Typhoon, so anything we can wiggle out of has to be grasped at.

    On the plus side once we have airfields full of Typhoons Ivan won't dare think about moving west....oh what's that, he's busy watching his team play football at Stamford Bridge?
  6. I believe that the tech-transfer thing has been causing raised eyebrows at BAE for some time - the LM side having being reticent about letting all the goodies out of the sweet shop...
  7. I can understand that they (the US) wet their pampers at advanced and /or possibly 'secret' IT and hi-tech entering China, Russia or other potentially compromising countries but the amazing mentality of the Senate and the other plonkers-in-control of our ex-colonial territories gets my goat.

    This attitude makes obvious that the special relation we have is pretty much master and obedient lap-dog and not equals. Wouldn't be suprised if it didn't come with a licence that states that we are only renting the software and that we will have to buy renewals as per large US naff software meglomaniac Corp!

    What makes it even worse is the fact that Chelski have the premiership sown up as well :-(

  8. Why do anything with the yanks? I believe we should integrate ourselves with Europe more and move further away form the yanks. They are too busy trying to screw us out.
  9. Intregate with Europe ! you have to be joking , what the feck do we want to do that for their
    hardly reliable are they , lets get the whole story about JSF first .The only europeans worth
    bothering with are the Scandanavians.
  10. Give us the technology or we pull the plug on ECHELON etc...
  11. Buy navalised Typhoons instead and bung that on the new carriers. Failing that, a few Rafale-N's off the Frogs will do.
  12. Oh god..I agree with you.
  13. I have a mate who works on it at Warton he mentioned a few months back at the lack of information and knowhow comming to this side of the deal by reading the article on the BBC site wouldnt be surprised if the cut backs on the engine programe weren't deliberate as a spam firm never got the contract,
    Taken from another website
    f the US Government wants to perform commercial espionage in Europe, then it's easy - just use Menwith Hill. The scandal surrounding the Airbus contract a few years ago, confirmed Menwith Hill's role in this murky world. The communications involving the bidding process by the various companies vying for the contract were intercepted by the NSA at Menwith Hill. The details were passed directly to the US Government, who then made sure their own US companies were furnished with this "insider knowledge". Thus, the US companies mysteriously landed the contract!
  14. Rather arse-fcuk Europeons than Yanks.