Britain the US poodle

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hansvonhealing, Jul 29, 2006.

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  1. An opinion in the Times...
    How mad for Britain to be the US poodle: the neocons will fade away
    Matthew Parris

    HENS MAY BELIEVE the rooster who tells them his cock-a-doodle-doo brings the sunrise, and there may be a few gullible Labour MPs who think Tony Blair’s dash to “persuade” George W. Bush to pressure Israel has not been carefully choreographed by the Americans and the Israelis —
    but the rest of Britain will be harder to persuade.

    I won’t join the left-liberal new imperialists who think Britain should be big-mouthing hostility to the United States or Israel, and wading in with offers of peacekeepers and money to keep the various sides apart in the Middle East. We don’t have the troops, the money or the leverage, and we should accept our modest place in the 21st-century international order. But there is such a thing as dignity; as the expression of humanitarian dismay: such a thing as keeping a cool and sceptical distance from incendiary diplomacy and warmongering.

    Within five years an America entering the second decade of the new century may be looking back on George W. Bush’s presidency as a kind of nightmare, an aberration, a dreadful memory tinged with the acrid smoke of Baghdad and a policy of political arson in the Middle East. Words like “Iraq” and “Lebanon” will be pronounced in the tones we British still reserve for “Suez”.

    I utterly despair of Mr Blair recovering the sanity to quit this ship of fools before it sinks; he is handcuffed by history to the doomed hulk.

  2. Language is a bit flowery but I think he's right
  3. It is not Britain that is the poodle it is Bliar. How could the people be so stupid as to vote this **** back in three times?
    How about only ex and serving military allowed to vote , we would be sure to get a government with some common sense then.
  4. How about having a Arrse general election pole, all parties on the pole then the arrse community has 15 hrs to vote.

    Remember you will be voting for the party and it's policies not the party leader!!!

  5. Bliar's pathetic performance will hasten his departure...he will be lucky to survive in office past the party conference.

    It is all driven by his desire not to alienate his future US book/lecture will be the only place he is likely to be accepted.
  6. It is my understanding that despite being French, the poodle is an energetic dog with independant spirit. Notwithstanding my hatred of all things Gaul-ish can we really liken the 'Bliar' government to such a dog?
  7. bliars the only poodle i can see kick him out
  8. Gordon Broon is no better
  9. More like a yorkshire terrier than a poodle, very yappy, extremely irritating and keeps coming back.
  10. If you likened 2 jags to a breed of dog, what would it be? A boxer maybe, a bit dim and dribbles alot. Answers on a £5 note please.
  11. This thread is highly poodles!
  12. What I don't get is what the hell do they want him to do declare war on Israel or something?

    Give diplomacy a chance to work seeing as the U.S is the only ones capable of telling the Israelis to stop as they provide all their nice shiney weapons. The chaps right, I was in Manchester the other day they were having a pro-Israel and pro-Lebanon protest it was intresting and it left me thinking at least we can do that in the Western World.
  13. How about a "slug"? Because its 1) spineless; 2) slimy; 3) admired & respected by nobody; & 4) eats up what you've worked hard to achieve without giving anything back...

    (and no I'm not bitter AT ALL about my garden!!)
  14. Prescott = a boxer?

    I have 2 and they are loyal, aimiable and trustworthy but yes they
    do drool when the trough is near!