Britain refuses to pardon Breaker Morant

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Shittypants, Jul 31, 2011.

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  1. I'm told following orders can be a dangerous thing these days.
  2. Have these people nothing better to do with their time? He was, according to a very senior Australian officer of the time 'a scoundrel who, if he hadn't been shot for that, would have been shot for something else'

    Buggered if I can remember who said it. Not to worry, I shall simply type the word 'chippymick', thus summoning the man himself, who, I am certain, has set up a filter to alert him whenever someone mentions his name on ARRSE.

    Go on Mick, who said that?
  3. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    knowing how the general staff back then where inclined to work I suspect it was a put up job, it was a dirty 'war' then and it still is now.

    all the files from ww1 have been outed so why not the boer police action when we proudly set the tone for genocide and ethnic cleasing.
  4. Harry Morant was English
  5. Even worse! You shot Breaker, you imperialist bastards!

    Edit; does that mean that the Australian taxpayer won't have to pay for this BS, as I suspect is the case ATM?
  6. Well He did order the murder of the german missionary by Hancock.

    The only non guilty one was Whitton

    Hancock and Morant deserved to be shot
  7. Shittypants - are there any more Australian murderers lost causes that you'd like to try and sign out the outrage bus for?

    I've heard that Ivan Milat isn't really enjoying prison. Perhaps you'd like to fire up the bus on his behalf?
  8. All very subjective stuff guys (& gals) re: Harry Morant. Probably gets the rounds at ADFA (Australian Defence Forces Academy) and RMC - Duntroon as a lesson in leadership for the trainee Ruperts. Or, as it usually happens, gets dragged up by some Lawyer on a crusade, and throw in Ned Kelly for good measure and sure as shit it makes the news.
  9. I'm getting a little threaders with cases like this.

    People are trying to apply today's morals and sensibilities on things that happened in a different environment.

    From what I've read, there is no reason to pardon this individual.

    Move on.
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  10. And the moral of the story is "Don't go to Australia" as the minute you step off the plane/Boat you become a psychopathic killing machine
  11. And a rubbish cricketer.
  12. we could send him over to you guys if you like. give peter sutcliffe a run for his money.