Britain Re-opens Somalian Embassy after 22 years

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PepperSeaDog, Apr 25, 2013.

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  1. Did a quick search, couldn't see anything
    Britain reopens Somalia embassy after 22-years - Telegraph
  2. That looks much more like a FOB than an embassy.
  3. A good punishment posting for a wayward FCO bod.
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  4. Excellent news! Now, when is the Burning Down and Murdering all the Staff Ceremony?
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  5. The biggest queue in Africa isnt for food at an aid station now, its at the visa centre at that embassy
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  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Why? With the Ethiopians pulling out, and the place falling back into chaos? WTF are we doing this for?
  7. To fill London with more of the *****?
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  8. I wasn't aware that it had been anything but in a state of chaos for the past long time.
  9. We're angling for the remake of Blackhawk Down.

    Its to be called Gingerhawk Down, with Prince Harry in the Apache as starring role.
  10. There is a general trend of reopening or building of embassy in Africa at the moment. Many countries, including the UK, are starting to realize once again that Africa has a lot to offer in terms of minerals and REEs, that they have a lot of expats on the continent and that, in some areas, they can no longer afford not to be there.

    For a long time, the UK has been relying on France and Canada to defend its interests in large chunks of Africa, closing down embassies in the process; I would not be surprised this policy soon changes.

    Australia is another example of a nation investing in a diplomatic network in Africa:

    Opening of new Embassy in Senegal
    Media release

    9 May 2012

    Foreign Minister Bob Carr today announced the Australian Government will establish a new Australian embassy in Dakar, Senegal.

    Funding to establish the new embassy is included in the 2012-13 Federal Budget.

    Senator Carr said the embassy will be Australia's first resident diplomatic representation in French-speaking West Africa and will play an important role in strengthening our engagement with the International Organisation of the Francophonie.

    "The decision reflects the growing importance of bilateral links between Australia and Senegal, and between Australia and francophone Africa more broadly.

    "Expanding our diplomatic footprint in Africa sends a clear signal of the Government's commitment to building a long-term and credible Australian partnership with the countries of Africa.

    "It will provide a significant boost to Australia's growing commercial and political interests in West Africa.

    "Australia has substantial and growing interests in the mining and resources sector in Africa.

    "At least six ASX-listed companies have projects in Senegal, largely in gold and mineral sands.

    "Fundamental changes are underway in Africa as improved governance and greater political stability have taken root and the region moves closer to realising its significant economic potential," Senator Carr said.

    Opening of new Embassy in Senegal, media release, 9 May 2012, Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs
  11. Mogadishu embassy reopens after 22 years eh.......would take a brave man to open that fridge after all that time!
  12. Emperour mong is laughing long and hard this morning
    As numerous crimes in the fco and others are repaid with intrests.
    His mongess was last seen driving a technical and fireing an ak47 into the air.
  13. Bearing in mind that Baroness Ashton has been rumbled as useless even by EU standards she'll need a new job commensurate with her abilities when she gets the heave-ho from Brussels.

    Remember your 7 Ps.