Britain ran secret prison in Germany after end of WWII...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Dec 17, 2005.

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  1. ...where inmates including Nazi party members were tortured and starved to death.,,1669544,00.html

    Initially, most of the detainees were Nazi members or former members of the SS, rounded up in an attempt to prevent any Nazi insurgency, although a significant number were also businessmen.

    So can we say that the UK had own GULAG?
  2. Old 'news'.
  3. December 17, 2005? It's today. So the news become 'old' within one day.

    Do you mean that it was well-known? So Russians (formally allies) were tortured to death. It is something new (at least for me).
  4. Britain had its own Gulag? Ironic that it would be a Russian that would compare one installation to the systematic arrest, torture, execution, deportation, and forced labour of millions and millions of innocent people in the Soviet Union. Moral relativism at its worst.

    Sergey, do you write for the Guardian by any chance?
  5. 1946- Formerly allies- not formally allies, and allies are not always friends.

    It's old news because any historian of the period would tell you as much. By the way there were also assassination teams roaming around looking for bad guys.
  6. This has been known about for years - on TV a few weeks ago I think. Guardian having a slow news day....mind you someone will no doubt be putting a claim in !!
  7. blimey - now that would make a cracking movie!
  8. Well i've got few problems with torturing nazis or russian spies to death then or now . It seems they did some perfectly innocent blokes and some who even wanted to help us .for **** sakes if your going to do this stuff , and, I'm not sure it actually gets more info than less violent means.
    Either get it done professionallly .or admit its just for vengence .
  9. My English is too ugly and frankly speaking I don't like Guardian. The newspaper uses to publish unverified 'facts', presents opinions as news.

    So I'm interesting is this story (new for me) a falsehood or not. Probably not. In this case, it would be obvious 'insulting of Britishness'.

    Mainly Russians were victims of GULAG and mainly Russians were GULAGS's guards. It is mainly our internal problem and there is a huge number of publications on this theme in Russia, archives are open.

    By contrast, as I understand, at least something connecting with British prison in Bad Nenndorf is secret even now. But why? Do you think that relatives of the victims have right to know the fate of Russian prisoners?

    By the way, do know even one Briton who was a victim of GULAG? So real moral relativism is an endless rant about GULAG without even mentioning of Bad Nenndorf.

    Take The Telegraph for example and try to seek two words: GULAG and Nenndorf. Try to find Nenndorf on BBC.
  10. Daily Mail, August 2001

    Referencing a book published in September 2001 (something tells me that, by the time it was published, the newspapers may have become concerned with other matters...)

    I admit that I didn't know about this until I googled it; but it doesn't seem to be a particularly well-hidden secret that the Guardian has just unearthed. Darth's right, it's old news.

    The Mail article does a surprisingly good job of examining the reasons it might have happened, and shortcomings in the initial occupation of Germany.

  11. Smithie!

    I have found this article too and also an article in Independent

  12. Solzhenitsyn refers to a least one British servicemen in Gulag which either he or an acquaintance met in transit (I cannot remember which, and I'm not going to dig through the book to find out). There is also a book called Stalin's British victims which tells the story of four Britons who were executed or ended up in Gulag.

    So yes, we do know of Britons who were victims.
  13. But it appears that there were Russian victims of British GULAG, so have we right to know their names? You refer to the book about Stalin's British victims but British governments kept the story about Bad Nenndorf in secret. So how similar book about Russian victims could appear?
  14. These weren't Gulags or Death Camps, they were Internment Centres and POW cages. The US had a few in Europe as well and conditions were as appalling as they were in the British Camps. In one centre the Yanks had 1,200 die of malnutrition related diseases.

    The basic facts are that German POW's and Internees were less favoured in terms of rations and medical care than the people who had been 'liberated'.

    My own father (also from the Royal Welch) was a 'Bluecap' guard in a POW camp post 1945, (having been returned from Germany where his regiment had been fighting) where the prisoners were detained as forced labour long after the war was over, albeit in much better conditions than their counterparts who were detained in fomer battlezones.
  15. GDav!

    I agree with you. Really most of the camps were not Death or Extermination Camps. But it appears that there was one (and very important) exception. I mean this particular prison. I hope you agree that if Soviet officers were its victims then it would be fair (at least) to publish their names. Btw, names of Polish officers that were killed in Katyn were published long ago. Or maybe it is too difficult problem for British government?