Britain points official fingers at Iran.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speedy, Oct 5, 2005.

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  1. OPERATION PERSIAN FREEDOM '06 on track then?
  2. Bliar has probably been told to brief this by Dubya.
  3. This has been coming for a while though hasn't it. Anyone have any idea of Iranian military strength, are they using old Russian kit too ,do they have an Airforce? Would check Jaynes but can't be bothered!
  4. Yeah....give me some of that shit! (Shall I bring my own body armour this time?..or shall I just use egg-boxes like last time?)

    ...bye bye......time to leave the army!

    (Bliar you Cnut)
  5. they aren't *********...I can testify to that.

    My mob spent along time up in the marshes watching this lot (....helis, big 50cals and they're up for it)
  6. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    The title of this thread begs a serious question: does Britain still have 'official fingers' which are capable of being pointed at a hostile nation? I thought they'd all been scrapped under 'Options'.
  7. no mate...we only scrapped the army...we STILL HAVE the cadet force and the RAMC
  8. Guess we dont get our boats back then .How about a tomahawk on their war museaum where they put the boats a symbolic
    fcuk you .
  9. Yes, and lots of it. They also have millions of smart bombs, otherwise known as Martyrs.
  10. Do they have an Air Force - yes, the Iraqi Air Force that flew away prior to GW1.
  11. Would be nice to get my Iraq medal before I earn my Iran one.

    I have no doubt that we (with a little US support) could smash the Iranian Armed Forces in short order. However, quick operational success does not equal strategic success, Iraq has proved this. We must consider the long term ramification of any overt sabre rattling towards Iran. If it is meant as a shot across their bows, we must only hope that they do not take it as an invitation to push usfurther by supporting the malitia in Iraq to a greater extent.

    Personally can't see even BLiar and Bush being stupid enough to tempt Iran into any action before Iraq has become substantially more stable. Iran in 06 is not on the cards...08, 09, maybe.
  12. Hmmm....if this "came from Hezbollah in Lebanon via Iran" surely it would have had to go into Iraq and back out again first? Whenever I hear about "Hezbollah and Iran" I always aim off for American nonsense about state sponsorship - they seem utterly obsessed by Hezbollah and Iran, so much so that things like geography just don't get a look in. If I was planning to send people from Hezbollah in Lebanon to southern Iraq, I'd send them to Iraq - after all, it doesn't seem that hard to get in through Syria.

    And further, if it was the information on how to make a fancy shaped charge rather than the thing itself - haven't they heard of the Internet? It's like TV that you read!
  13. Idle is right.

    With the current spread of forces, increased opperations in Afghanistan (next year) and the current public opinion, there will not be any action in Iran for a while yet.

    What is required is a strategic victory in Iraq or Afghanistan. This will prove that "regime change" is effective and realistic. This in turn will rally public opinion and off we'll go again.
  14. [​IMG]

    Inter-continentally deliverable payloads in the hands of an IAEA non-compliant Islamic Theocracy. Get packing boys…