Britain pledges £8 Billion to Pakistan border regions

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by supermatelot, Apr 27, 2009.

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  1. Apologies if this has already been posted.

    We all know about the taliban "persuading" the Pakistan Govt to allow sharia in a certain border region. Well today, Brown pledged them an 8 Billion pounds "education package" for that region.

    That will buy a lot of AKs and train a hell of a lot of bombers.

    Will try to find a link. I just saw this on BBC24.
  2. This is a wind up right?
  3. Where the hell has Crash Gordon got £8 Bn from?

    A month ago 6th Form Colleges were having to turn people away because they didnt have enough cash.

    Education Education Education? This government needs to go back to Nursery.
  4. Recession? -------------- What funking recession? If one eye can afford to do this, WITH OUR MONEY :!: Is he on funking drugs or what! Or is he just securing a backhander for somthing to fall back on after the next election :?:
  5. Its simple we give them money for there hash/coke/h broon then has a drug sale in euoro land doubles the dosh a few times solve the debt problem for a month or two a quick 32 billion cleaver man. Or when he was there he did a few lines of coke and made a stupid promise,
  6. Fcuk me. That is all.

    Edited to add: to Labour, those British Pakistani votes are good value for £8 billion of tax payers money. Is it true though?
  7. 6 posts, no link...
  8. Nothing on Google.
  9. I think that it may be 8 million rather than billion.However why can't the Paks sort out their own border problem?Everytime Bruin goes abroad he announces further overseas 'aid'
  10. He's pledged money to Pakistan (600 million) according to this, while there was another pledge of aid last year:

    Britain gives Pakistan £1 bn (Times, July 08)

    Alvin may have fallen victim to the government tendency to announce the same initiative more than once...
  11. Given Browns skill at reannouncing old news releases maybe its a rehash of his original announcement of 600 Million last year, with a little exageration for good measure,
  12. Sorry, not had time to find a link yet. I'm pretty certain it was Billion, not million. Either way it's still a lot. He pledged it during his press conference with the Pakistani prime minister yesterday. Its aimed towards providing education for females in the border region apparently - the same regions that the Taliban are now influencing I would presume.
  13. from here...

    Thats the first linki on google I found relevent. In his speech he explicitly mentioned the money was for education in the border regions.
  14. I believe the imbecile has pledged £10 million, whilst we are looking at a budget deficit in the UK in excess of £175 billion.

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has already approved a loan for Pakistan amounting to $7.6bn (£5.1bn) in Nov 2008 to shore up the economy.

    He is totally unhinged and is treating public money as if it is his own personal cashpoint to try to raise his "world saviour" profile.

    Link Here
  15. Unless he is just trying to set a trap for the Tories in the inevitable election win they will get. This way he appears to be altruistic and world savior whilst fecking up our future economy which the tories will have to then deal with / take the blame for.