Britain plans to send aircraft carrier to Somalia

Quite! We can do some ASW with the helicopters or put 200 marines ashore to teach 'em.
I thought HMS Ocean was helos only??


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How many posts before the 'H' word is mentioned?
If you've been paying attention, nearly every mention of the 'H' word in recent weeks has come from our rabid anti-carrier lobbyists, especially the SunnoWC combo. Are they suffering withdrawal symptoms or just gloating? You decide but look at most recent RN-related threads to see what I mean.

In the meantime, work on our replacement carriers is proceeding apace. :smile:
Can we please have a summit on the porous border controls that let in half a million a year (that we know about)? and can we please have a summit on why our armed forces are being run down to micky mouse levels? and what about a summit to sort out why we pay extortionate rates for gas, electric and fuel. Suppose its too much to ask the court jester in number ten to actually do something for the people of the UK.

Are you angry about something, Miguel?
Even if we had Nimitz class carriers, why would we need to send fast jets over Somalia? To counter their enormous and capable airforce that complete with 5th Gen fighters?

You know, the ones that look like this.


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