Britain pays wages of thousands of demobbed Iraqi

Well why waste the tmie and effort of have them come over here and claim asylum, it deprives them of their liberal-given right to claim state handouts when a much better idea is to take the money of the British Taxpayer (and they will be going up again next year BTW), and just hand them out in a foreign land.

Fcuk it! I think I'll just bundle up all of my cash and send it to some random bloke somewhere in the world, and remember to stick a fiver in the pocket of Derry Irvine, that hard-up, destitute soul!  :mad:
A major with the Desert Rats has become southern Iraq's chief paymaster, after UK forces secured the vaults of the central bank in Basra and moved large amounts of money to a secure military base before looters could reach it.

I think they're being paid with the funds seized, which is good. It also prevents our guys being attacked, unlike the current situation viz the Americans. Maybe they can use some of the billions they seized to pay the Iraqi soldiers currently unemployed?

Personally, I think we should pay them. The alternatives are

1. Rioting and organised resistance
2. Attempts to enter this country to:
a. Claim asylum
b. Get some payback
3.A situation that will make Northern Ireland look like a cakewalk

If we give them money and a purpose, the hearts and minds campaign will contine succesfully. Some will rejoin the new model Iraqi Army, others will set up in business or co-operatives. The most important thing is, with a full belly, money and employment, the temptation to take their frustration out on the nearest squaddie disappears.


I totally concurr, especially it is just a bit of liberated Monopoly money. My only reservation is that it is like asking a man with no legs to demonstrate tap dancing.

Can you imagine Glasgow trying to get their heads round this!

And yes I know it is going to be done the old fashioned way on the ground, I just think it is an amusing picture.
You are right Pato. I'm wondering whether paying Iraqi Soldiers with money we seized was a local or higher initative. I suspect local.

Questions do need to be asked about the millions the Americans seized, where is it now?

I think the next phase, would be getting some of those DHSS Job Nazis over there, to get some employment schemes going

"What have you been doing to find work since you last signed on Mr. Hussein?"

Plenty of rebuilding and modernisation work needs doing, and the locals want a say in doing it. So, let's give it to them. Ooooops sorry we can't do that, because Bluppet rolled over and took it up the tradesmans from Dubya.

Ram it, let's do it anyway  ;D
I think they're being paid with the funds seized

BUGGAH! Still, why let the facts get in the way of an anti-Blair/Hoon rant?  ;D


interesting ! the yanks are in the news about fuking things up and getting attacked, riots and poor public relations and i've heard nothing negative about british controlled area in iraq could be the northern ireland experience paying dividends

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