Britain now top World Bank donor

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ukdaytona, Dec 15, 2007.

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  1. BERLIN (Reuters) - The United States lost its status as the largest donor to the World Bank's main fund for poor countries, the lender said on Friday, as Britain pledged more in the latest funding round that secured a record amount of aid.

    Losing its position as the top donor could weaken Washington's influence over the World Bank, which is the largest provider of development assistance to poor countries, and over the policies that decide how its cash is spent.

    The Washington-based lender conducts a fund-raising campaign among its richer members every three years to determine funding for the International Development Association. The IDA is the bank's lending arm.

    After negotiations that began in March in Paris and ended with two days of talks in Berlin, Britain promised $4.2 billion (2.08 billion pounds) for the period from July 2008 through June 2011, World Bank President Robert Zoellick told reporters in a conference call.

    The U.S. Treasury said it pledged $3.7 billion to the bank's International Development Association fund, up 30 percent from its contribution three years ago and the largest increase since the Carter administration in the 1970s.

    A senior Treasury official applauded Britain's move, which amounts to an increase of about 50 percent.

    Now you know why there is no money in the pot for Health, Education or Defence.....
  2. Comrade Brown will save the worlds poor as his own country beg for more.
  3. Damn.

    Spent five minutes considering what to post and you got it in a single sentence.

    Must work on my wordiness.
  4. I find Beer oils the mental cogs. ;-)

  5. After Jack Straw gave away our Thatcher discount, we're now the second biggest net contributor to the EU as well.

    Gordon's largesse knows no bounds.
  6. Aye, right. Since when has the UK been allowed its own opinion on anything this important?
  7. If africa were left to its own devices, the majority of it would slowly but irreversibly implode.
    What brown is doing with our money, is the large scale financial equivalent of the comedy sketches you see where a guy knocks a load of plates and stuff off some shelves, and dances around trying to catch every single one before it hits the floor.
  8. That's the philosophy of the New Labour Project for you. Don't forget, they were voted into a position where they could do this to you. You get the bastards in Government that you deserve.
  9. hit the nail on the head. This govt acts like we should expect them to.
  10. Something to think about as you watch the in excess of a Pound/litre petrol or diesel go in your tank.

    UK taxpayers pay for Comrade Bottler Broon to strut the world stage.
  11. No wonder I am being bled dry in return for failing public services, rampant crime and an underfunded and under-valued armed forces. It appears that I am propping up the third world as well. Brilliant. Well done 'New' Labour. You useless c*nts.
  12. Now't like giving away Brits ard eard Gelt to Ease Labor's conciseness's is there.
    Oh for a Bleeding a'rt.
  13. The UK should have put that money in the defense budget for pay increases and improvement in housing/food ect.
  14. I'm not surprised considering the amount they take out of my wages every fcuking month. Whatever happened to charity begins at home?
  15. Yes Charity begins at home.
    We have enough elderly and folk in poor circumstances, let alone Poor Tom who seems to get F-all from Her Majesty's Government except the right to die or be mangled and tangled.