Britain not broken says Brown

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Baldrick66, Aug 9, 2008.

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  1. BBC Link

    Gordon Brown has dismissed the idea of a broken society in Britain saying the country was "decent and compassionate".

    The prime minister was speaking at the opening day of the Edinburgh Book Festival - where he was being interviewed by crime writer Ian Rankin.

    In a wide-ranging discussion, he spoke about domestic and global problems as well as his own work as an author.

    Along with political works Mr Brown has written a book called Courage about great figures such as Nelson Mandela.

    The prime minister, who was a surprise guest at the festival, told the audience there: "I don't think the British people have ever been broken by anything or anyone.

    If people see people doing great things, then these are role models for young people
    Gordon Brown

    "I feel there is so much good being done in different parts of our country.

    "I think Britain is basically a decent, compassionate society and most people want to see things change for the better."

    Mr Brown highlighted knife crime as "the biggest problem at the moment" in some cities.

    But he said the government alone could not tackle it, saying the community also had a role to play in changing the culture to make carrying knives unacceptable.

    Mr Brown said he had written Courage: Eight Portraits, which is about famous role models, to encourage more people to follow their example.

    He said: "You celebrate them and you create more as a result of that. If people see people doing great things, then these are role models for young people."

    Nice to see one eye is on the same planet as the rest of us :roll:
  2. Ahh yes, the same community which when it does try to change the culture, can be kicked to death, arrested by the Police, or thrown to the wolves. Sorry Broon, your in charge, you have the power not I.

    The biggest problem is knives now then, not drugs, unemployment, soaring bills, stealth taxes, immigration.
  3. Yes - and we might get that change for the better at the next General Election. He can make his greatest contribution to achieving that aspiration by falling on his sword and going to the country at the earliest opportunity.
  4. How the fcuk does he know?
  5. Probably one of the best comments sadly not said about the one-eyed broon in Edinburgh.
  6. What country is he living in and how do I go about getting a visa? :roll:
  7. We're definately NOT compassionate towards YOU, Broon. And if this country is'nt broken, it's not for the lack of trying by you and the rest of Zanu-Labour. :evil:
  8. I think he is correct in so far as British society is not broken. I don't think it is. Badly damaged mind you. As long as he lives in an environment where he is isolated from society he can't really judge though.

    He is still reacting in typical New Labour fashion WRT knife crime. All most every problem seems to be approached with either BAN, TAX or SPIN (not necessarily an all exclusive OR) . Having knives isn't the problem, it is the willingness to stick them into other people. Almost every boy had a knife when I was a kid. We just tended not to stab each other with them.

    I think he also right that most of Britain is a decent society. More and more areas do seem to be getting feral though and there is precious little being done about it. When decent citizens are afraid to uphold the law because they think the police are likely to persecute them in favour of scrotes we are on the wrong path.
  9. THAT is the biggest problem in GB.

    The media and Broon have siezed on knife crime, in reality it should be a lot further down on the list of things the government has got to worry about at this precise moment.
  10. He must be walking around with his eye's shut! Well one on them anyway 8O
  11. I never believed that cloud cuckoo land it seems to be where our Government are based.
  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Thats the truth that Broon and his ilk seem to ignore
    Knives where all over when I was a boy (and I'm only 38!!) we had swiss army knives,sheath knives and not once did I try and stab anyone

    Like wise the 'broken home society' that they lay the blame at I know many people from single parent families and not once did they replace the father figure with a Mac - 10 or an Uzi

    Then again most single mothers worked at the time and the kids stood on there own two feet at a younger age - nothing was handed to us if you wanted something you had to earn it

    We are now on a third generation who nothing exept benifits and they have no respect for any one or anything

    If they do get done for something they hold there hand out and the DSS pays any fine for them and off they go back to their council house to start over again

    Broon and these people have created this mess and are now trying to convince us nothing is wrong

    The honest hard working folk of this country are sick of living in a police state which penalises honesty and hard work yet lets the feckless and thug element walk around doing what they want

    Brown needs to go as soon as possible but it dosen't really matter we are to deep in it now to turn it around
  13. Is Brown on palnet liabour, not planet earth!

  14. Snipped for brevity but I do agree with everything you said

    Banning knives without tackling the root cause of the problem will just have the violent lunatics use alternate weapons (if they take any notice of the ban). Possibly bottles, lumps of wood, metal bars etc. It is the attitude that it is OK to kill people that needs to be sorted out.

    Gun crime is a good case point. Reaction to a shooting in a school? Handguns banned. Who did that affect? Only the law abiding. Has gun crime disappeared or even reduced because of that ban?
  15. Agree with the points. Whilst I don't see Britain as "broken" it all comes down to your own definitions - compared to environments / societies that we operate, it is easy to make the soundbite. On the other hand, there are some areas of British Society that are fast heading back to the dark ages.

    The career politician and now with added spin - is his Home Secretary still wearing body armour when going out on those mean streets?

    Have owned and used various knives since childhood, never stabbed anyone, although bumping into Brown on a dark night, probably would have me doing time - if there were any witnesses. :)

    Oh, and only stabbed once!