Britain must give EU more power in war on terror


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Franco Frattini, EU commission vice-president for justice, liberty and security, said that the requirement to reach unanimous agreement among all 25 member states was holding up key new initiatives and putting British lives at risk.

It was time to put aside "national jealousies", said Mr Frattini, a former Italian foreign minister. It was time to allow Europe's national police forces, secret services, court systems and prosecutors to leap over frontiers and borders when in pursuit of terrorists, organised criminals, paedophiles and other serious offenders, which the EU says includes those guilty of racism and xenophobia.
On habeas corpus:

Habeas corpus was "absolutely not" at risk. "Because habeas corpus in my view should be extended to the other member states."

Europe justice systems needed common procedural rights, and Britain's were a fine model. Europe would never have one single penal code, he said.

Seems too much of a tall order for the EU to manage-Maybe I'll just start believing in Father Christmas again!
That lot could not organise a pee up in a Brewery,

We should keep our veto, sad to say this current shower of Pollies are spineless and we will be sold down the swanny yet again.

Living on the Continent, and seeing the way they go about the daily chores.
Keep taking the happy pills. :roll:

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Europe terror plan dumped

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Efforts to enhance the co-ordination of counter-terrorism operations within the European Union were in tatters on Friday night when member states refused to surrender their national vetoes on terrorism and cross-border crime policy.

A total of 14 countries, led by Germany and Ireland, opposed the plan, arguing the erosion of the veto when voting on cross-border crime-fighting proposals would erode national sovereignty.
Common sense at last?

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