Britain may apologise over slavery

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. The Government may say sorry for Britain's role in the slave trade when the country marks the 200th anniversary next year of the legislation that led to its abolition.

    An advisory committee, chaired by John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister, which is overseeing preparations for the bicentenary, is considering issuing "a statement of regret" on March 25, the date that the Slave Trade Act was passed by Parliament. Although such a declaration is said in Whitehall to fall short of the formal apology demanded by some campaigners, it would nevertheless be seen as one.

    A C Grayling, professor of philosophy at Birkbeck College, London, who chaired a debate in Bristol this year on whether the city should say sorry for its involvement in the trade, said: ''How far should we go back? Should we demand an apology from the Italians for our enslavement by the Roman Empire? It is an absurdity."

    Richard Dowden, the head of the Royal African Society, said institutions that directly benefited could usefully issue statements of regret, but added: "It would be difficult for us all to apologise."

    Tony Blair set a precedent for historical apologies when he expressed regret in 1997 for Britain's failure to relieve the Irish potato famine in the mid-19th century.

    Campaigners for a national apology say slavery was sustained by actions of the British government. But Whitehall advisers fear that an apology could leave the Government open to claims for reparation from descendants of slaves.

    Article in full;jsessionid=CJU1T4KG50LJZQFIQMFSFFOAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2006/09/22/nslavery22.xml

    No mention you see of the fact that the Royal Navy & RM were instrumental in stopping the fcuking trade or that it was muslims selling them in the first place.

    Is this what this Government has time to squander on?

    utter utter sh1t.

    Appeasement is Go
  2. What I want to know is when are those fcuking French going to apologise for invading, and the Battle of Hastings?
  3. Tone's going to apologies because Britian was first Major country, way back in an era when Slavery was considered normal, to abolish it.
    Ye gods.
    Omani's still talk about their slaves and around Rahmadan each year the Adivce coloums of the Local rag are always saying that for Ramadhan either free a slave or free one so that Allha will forgive your sins.
    Well certinly did up to 1999 and I haven't heard of any changes to long established policy.
  4. I would just like to state that apparantly 350 years ago one of my ancestors (who was of nobility) drove his carridge through a muddy puddle, splashing lots of common people. Instead of stopping to render assistance, he drove on, laughing. I now appreciate that this may have caused offence, and may still be a painfull moment in some common persons life. For this I appologise.
  5. Let's not forget that the average African was only too pleased to be taken to Europe or America.

    They were brutalised in their own continent by each other's squabbling tribes and traveled for months sometimes to get on a ship leaving from West Africa.

    A little known fact is that the country 'Liberia' is so named because it provided 'Liberation' from the existing genocide.

    I don't think we have anything to apologise about, in fact, we should get a big thank you.
  6. I live in a Muslim country (Indonesia) much effected by internal (by the nobility) and external slave trading (by the bloody Arabs)- and no-one here gives a half-warm shit about negroes or slaves- everyone thinks (rightly) Blair's a limp-cocked tosser!
    Let's face it, Cherie's got bigger bollocks than her man. What a prat- now WE're all going to have foot the bill.
  7. I notice the committee was chaired by that paragon of virtue and intelligence Fat John Prescott, no doubt trying to justify his half million pound pay package.
  8. I would like to apologise on behalf on my ancestor, one Mad Jock McPlop who farted in a dying Englishmans face at the Battle of Bannockburn.

    I sincerely regret the distress it caused him........mind not as much as the dirk in his stomach :roll:
  9. I see little point in appologising for slavery per se as it was custom and practise from the start of formation of human communities. There would be some grounds for a joint appology from the UK, France and The Netherlands for the development and practice of industrialised slavery was was a radical change from what had gone before. I would however suggest it would be far more appropriate to highlight the fact that the UK was the leading nation in the development of the concept that slavery in any form was wrong.


    ps Liberia was form as a homeland for freed US slaves.
  10. I woudl like to meet the 200 year old who will be present to receive the apology.

  11. I would like to apologise for Howler being such a cretin.

    Liberia was so named because the USA wanted somewhere to put its freed slaves.

    If you actually believe anything in your post then you really are incredibly dense.

    Here have a read and try to learn something FFS.
  12. What is the point of apologising for something Great Britain was involved with hundreds of years ago?

    Instead, there are plenty of things we should be apologising to the world for now - exporting the 'Big Brother' TV format around the world; letting Tony Bliar visit other people's countries; letting Cherie Bliar visit other people's countries; RyanAir (I know its strictly Irish, but still); EasyJet; three quarter length trousers; Sir Ian Bliar; pinching all of Poland's plumbers; the England football team & their absurd totty; letting the USA think it coud govern itself, let alone the rest of the world; Dido; JK Rowling; golf

    [incoherent rant continues well into the afternoon]
  13. I would also like to apologise for being such a cretin.

    Bad news at work, turned to ARRSe to cheer myself up and made a stupid posting.

  14. No, Liberia was so named by Napoleon. To cover up the fact that he had failed to conquer Iberia (Spain/Portugal) and desperate to have a warm-water Atlantic base, he ponced a bit of land and named it L'Iberia. Next week I'll take some more drugs and explain how the capital city got its name.
  15. I have realised with dismay that actions taken by me, my successors and offspring in the future may (in the light of future generations understanding) be seen as bad.

    I will of course be entirely at fault. I therefore apologise humbly in advance of these actions, be it genocide or spilling someone's pint. I hope that people will be able to forgive me or my descendants for what I am sure will be ignorant and unfeeling behaviour. I hereby absolve HM and whatever pathetically morally and intellectually bankrupt G is incumbent at the time for any need to apologise. It was me.

    Apology holds good for all except nutter Muslims; on the back of this mornings hilarious radio interview the next Crusade is clearly coming and you're going home in an ambulance. (Tastefully decorated inside with pictures of Allah drawn by mentally disturbed people).
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