Britain is under siege from a monstrous regiment of Russian

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, May 31, 2007.

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  1. They are doing what women have been doing since time immemorial and there will always be men around who will fall for it. Avarice and greed coexist with weakness and stupidity which together amount to a fragile and superficial relationship made in hell!
  2. Bugger. You mean Mrs RM wasn't attracted to me by by boyish good looks & raffish charm after all?
  3. iolis, you've been hurt before, I can sense your pain

    snakes with tits the lot of em
  4. I don't understand the wimmin' who speak English, God knows how I'd get on with a Russian one!
  5. I could see a non-english speaking wife/girfriend having it's advantages to be honest.
  6. I'll take three please, with double chips and mushy peas.
  7. Mmm, starting to see the possible benefits! where does one apply?
  8. I was seeing a Russian lass for ages. Georgeous blonde Doctor that earnt more than me so got revenge for our team for a while. Some great James Bond moments played out. But ultimately she ditched me halfway through next tour. Fun while lasted. However cant beat the sense of humour and banter of a good British lass when you can find one.
  9. We see lads bringing back lasses of the russian persuasion to camp after a night spent trapping in the local hot spots. Fair play to them, these girls are stunning but we know that they are only after their passport. A couple of them looked mightily pissed off when they were booted out the gate the other morning.
  10. At what point do these Lolitas turn into Mrs Brezhnev lookalikes?
  11. :D What a eloquent manner of putting it...

    One fellow here at work did the idiotic mail order bride thing and the resulting disaster has him in serious debt for the forseeable next decade. Gentlemen, if you lack charm, wit, and personality to mantain a relationship with a gal from your own backyard... chances are one from distant lands will not be impressed either. :roll:
  12. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    When your money for Botox etc. runs out ?

    To be fair, all women age ... it's just that the Russian Dolls have further to fall. Mind you, La Lumley is hanging on quite well, considering ... :wink:
  13. I'll second that. Had the good fortune of meeting one while she was an au pair in the states. While she wasn't the most gorgeous of the au pairs (nordic chics hold that distinction) she sure as hell was the funniest and most fun to be around. Also a bit of a freak off her feet. I say too much... Ahh this brought back memories.
  14. La Lumley is of good English stock, methinks. These Russian dolls are all OK when young but they don't age well, IMHO.