Britain is too precious for mankind to be allowed to be destroyed

Britains decline seems to be looking too fondly on the past and thinking it was ace and in no way shit at all.

That and your not allowed to hit people who piss you off any more.
Nothing wrong here. Ask any failed Banker.
Dear God but that is a depressing read

Rayc it should really be in the intelligence cell rather than the lamp and sandbag
I don't think that is a depressing read.

It is a soul search.

I am sure Britain will rise like a Phoenix and find its rightful place again!
Dear God but that is a depressing read

Rayc it should really be in the intelligence cell rather than the lamp and sandbag
I put it here since it was an Opinion.

I am sure the Mods can change it out there.

The writer is a senior and friend from my school.

He is an Anglophile!
Thanks Rayc, your friend Mr. Datta-Ray has summarised our problems perfectly. Unfortunately, as he points out, the shameless cannot be shamed into modifying their behaviour. It is reassuring to know that foreign observers have a positive view of our future.
Whose round is it?
Same sort of thing is happening in NZ. The govt. is giving its mates massive tax cuts, while all around Health, education, Defence and public works/Justice are falling into disrepair or foreign hands. Think of it like an oak tree, it grows under its own steam, throws out its branches to the air, and the Ivy creeps in , and sucks out the sap of the tree. Then the plants that the tree once nourished with fallen leaves rise and try to suck out more, thinking it is their entitlement, and still the tree is sucked dry by the ivy, and there are fewer leaves... And all the tree needs is a good gardener to cut away the ivy, prune back the plants, and set the tree right again. Rather than one who shakes loose leaves for the plants below at their greed-ridden command, and gives the ivy the stranglehold it desires.

Whew. Right, i'm off to have a bath and a lie-down
Nah, once I stop flagellating myself with this ivy, I'm the life of the party me :) Botany students DO have fun. Sometimes.
Besides. All work and no booze makes CDT Grunters a really miserable sod
A good read sad but true the great empire is no more and we are on a downward slope I dread to think what the UK will be like in 20 years time.
That is probably the best article I have read in the telegraph for years. What a shame it was in the Calcutta edition and not the London one, the people who shoud have read it might have got the chace.

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