Britain is to send more key-skill troops to southern Afghan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jun 15, 2008.

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  1. From The TimesJune 16, 2008
    Britain is to send more key-skill troops to southern Afghan provincesMichael Evans, Defence Editor
    More than 200 additional specialist troops are to be sent to Afghanistan to boost Britain’s military presence to 8,000, the Ministry of Defence will announce today.

    The 230 hand-picked troops are all engineers, logistics specialists and experts in military training who will be assigned to help in the development of the Afghan National Army and the Afghan National Police.

    The reinforcements will be announced in the House of Commons. The extra troops are being selected individually for their specialist skills and will come from a number of different units
    More on the link
  2. Of course Zanu Liebour's utter contempt for Parliament and the Rule of Law means that announcements in the Commons come after the media launch. :x

    Would I be right in thinking that the TA will be providing a considerable number of the specialists involved, the TA having traditionally carried a lot of specialists?
  3. So much for New Liarbour listening to the public . The vast majority of the British public want all troops pulled out of both Afghanistan and Iraq. The tragic waste of lives and the immense cost isn't worth it for those two shit holes
  4. That's the remaining soldiers in HQ Squadron/Company etc who get dicked (hand picked!) to provide ANATT/OMLT etc............. :wink:
  5. Afghanistan is about half and half in public support.

    No vast majourity either way.
  6. The 230 or thereabouts are a future commitment of about 700. When you consider those on ops those training to go on ops and those just returning. The reality is that the elastic gets stretched even more. But of course the MOD will not admit that the army is overstretched. Forget recruiting being good, according to the MOD, what needs to be watched is the amount of experienced soldiers who decide to leave. New recruits will be even more exposed without the experienced teachers available. But I suppose that Gorden is banking on the recession biting unemployment going up and the exodus of experienced Officers, Wogs, NCOs and Soldiers slowing enough to just get by despite the poor pay and conditions. We will see.
  7. Especially when staff from a certain highly paid company out there have just been caught smuggling it.
  8. Last week in KAF a civilian working for a large company on the camp was found with a large amount of white powder (which was not ariel automatic) while he was waiting for his flight back to the UK, Luckily his arse has fallen out and he is grassing up all his associates.
  9. I wasn't aware that poppy eradication was part of our job there in the first place.
  10. I believe it is in the long run. But, first we need to provide the locals another crop that could be more profitable for them then growing and selling poppies
  11. Wouldn't surprise me if they replaced them all with coca plants.
  12. Nah, Weed.

    That sh1t'll grow anywhere...

    On the more serious side, I think some second-generation biofuels might be able to grow there and offer a financially viable crop. Just not as profitable as heroin though.
  13. Surely their are enough Army Learning Centres in the UK for the troops to do their Key Skills at...??
    :D :D :D
  14. Looks like I need to dust off the old 58 pattern webbing and get ready to deploy. They'll be needing every bugger who's ever had a uniform on before long (Except PTE Golden).

    Chilwell is going to go into meltdown
  15. I just caught a snippet of Brown talking on the radio today, so I may have my facts mixed up, but I'm sure he said that he'd be sending a further 230 blokes from "The 2nd Parachute Regiment."

    This raises two questions:

    1. Has he changed his mind about the sappers, loggies at al, following his chat with Bush?

    2. How many Parachute Regiments does he think we have?

    PS The bit about 2nd Parachute Regiment was a definite, it's the numbers that I'm not sure about.