Britain is not finished; Telegraph fights back..

Defeatist old men weren't right in the 70s, and they aren't right now, unless we choose to make it so...
Yeah I saw that. Quite right about China; serious systemic problems are a time bomb waiting to go off. Too many men and not enough jobs or women to go around.
Good article. Highlights the problem that the (next) government has in getting to grips with the Social Security budget.


Definitely self-fulfillinf phophecy, I posted a similar fatalist article on here a whole ago from the Guardian about Britain oh so "having to cut back on military" until somebody kindly pointed out that the author was a known Lefty troublemaker.

It's the new way of ridiculing Britain, appeal to the conservatively minded people that you are speaking for them in a defeatist way. "we're going to have to give up.."


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