Britain is a shambles - official

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. From the Mail on Sunday. No 10 deny that they produced this.

    Helpfully pointed out by Iain Dale on his blog, "So it's Philip Gould then"!

  2. Our Armed Forces a overstretched, underfunded and poorly equipped. Servicemen and women are dying in an illegal war in Iraq, while their loved ones stay in second-rate accomodation back home.

    Our legal system is a pathetic joke. The judges are senile and the lawyers/politicians are whores. Meanwhile, the Poor Bloody Copper is outnumbered and all too often out-gunned by the bad guys, his hands tied by kilometeres of red tape. Our prisons are so ovrcrowded scum are being released just to free up spaces. The jails are holiday camps where subhumans enjoy better conditions than law-abiding taxpayers.

    The NHS is on it's collective knees, so badly run we have the obscene situation that people are being cured of their initial injury or illness - then dying because of poor hygine.

    We have terrorists blowing up civilians in the middle of London and ex-spooks living under our protection assassinated by operatives of a forgien intelligence agency, who know they can opperate with immunity because Britain is too weak to respond.

    We have lost all control over our borders, and we are regarded as the Promised Land by anyone who seeks to live of the genorosity of the British Taxpayer.

    SHambels? That does'nt even come close to discribing it.
  3. Sums up New Liebour in one compact letter...

    Cnuts! :x
  4. Someone broke the trainset...
  5. and add in that small businesses are being forced out of existance by Mr Brown so that only the big corporations survive which he can then Nationalise in his overall plan to bring about his "socialist utopia"

  6. The education system is shocking, too.
  7. It's time we started to question why we have Europes largest underclass whilst 4,000 people in the City will reportedly be taking home £1,000,000 bonus's this Xmas.

    Britain, the unequal nation

    No, not by some tree hugging lefty but by

    Michael Portillo,,2088-2508316,00.html
  8. We have the largest underclass as a caonsequence of labour throwing money at them. What's their incentive to work? There is none, it's much easier for them to bang out a load of kids (who will more than likely be like them) rent a giant telly and sit at home watching jeremy kyle (if they can get up in time that is).

    When B liar banged on about lifting children out of poverty it was all about chucking money at chavs in order to be seen to do something, and possibly secure their votes. If their not unemployed their on incapacity. My sister in law (who along with my useless oxygen thief brother, whos on the dole) is on incapacity and she's only 23 FFS!

    It seems to me that the more you contribute to the UK the less you get and the worse you are treated.
  9. And today everyone woke up and saw what a shambles it is. Without meaning to sound too cynical. Too many officials too busy trying to "get one over" on their opposition, everone has forgotten that they are actually all on the same side. In the meantime, who has maintained the economy and welfare of the individuals in the country?

    Incompetance in the highest order. :x
  10. [quote="Fred_Cat
    The education system is shocking, too.[/quote]

    When I married a German girl from Osnabruck in the late 80s and assumed responsibility for her daughter by a previous marriage who, as a youngster had no English, we moved together to Catterick on Posting.

    The youngster did well with a language tutor at school, she was fluent in English in six months and did very well academically.

    Some postings later and just prior to the breakdown of the marriage, on my retirement from the Army, my stepdaughter left school with good 'A' levels in Maths, English, Physics, and Chemistry which would have guaranteed her a place at a good English University.

    She left to return to stay with her father in Osnabruck and to find work.

    When she walked into the Arbeitsamdt and produced her 'A' Level certificates, the German Officials derided them as being totally worthless in Germany.

    She was told that English 'A' Level results, no matter how good the English clamed they were, did not even equate to the minimum academic standard required of a German school leaver. She was qualified to work as little more than a Putsfrau (a cleaning lady)

    She had to return to school in Germany to obtain academic qualifications required of something more than the most menial of jobs.

    This is one of the reasons I will never ever trust what I am told about British academic standards by the Department of Education, least of all that they have risen 'year on year'!

    This country is a shambles at every level of every department of state. Education, Home Office, Department of Health etc etc. We do not need to discover what our neighbours have already known for years!
  11. When she walked into the Arbeitsamdt and produced her 'A' Level certificates, the German Officials derided them as being totally worthless in Germany.

    Setting aside the arrogance, what an awful way to disillusion a young girl who clearly deserved much better than that. I hope she managed to overcome those difficulties and is now back on an even keel.
  12. And after ten years of rising educational standards, what do we have? I believe one in six of the population are now classed as illiterate. I work with people who have honours degrees and still have trouble with basic English and Maths.

    At the other end of the scale you see school leavers who can't even speak coherently. The Jamaican accented patois that currently passes for English is incomprehensible.

    Young people today - I don't know - when I was their age etc, etc, etc

    Oh god - I'm turning into my dad. :(
  13. Iolis,

    What happened toyour step daughter was a disgrace. Unfortunately typical of the lazy Beamten who populate German officialdom. They should know that there is a European Academic Equivalence matrix, compiled by the EU ministry for education and training, which compares academic qualifications and provides local equivalence. In Germany 3 UK 'A' levels equates to an Abitur in a german school. She should speak to the local amt again and point them in the right direction.
  14. I am most grateful for your observations greenbaggyskin and I wish that I had been made aware of them before I lost contact with my stepdaughter some seven years ago and as a conseqence I have no idea whether or not she subsequently became aware of the substance of what you impart.

    It would, however seem from your observations that no one country has a monopoly on official incompetence although I was always under the impression that officioldom in Germany was ruthlessly efficient.

    With regards and best wishes to you
  15. Could this be the blairites pissing in the water before the new chief takes over and kicks them out, or have they actually realised what everyone else has been aware of for the best part of 9 years? :roll: