Britain in terminal decline?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Le_addeur_noir, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. Will the Tories change Britain for the better?

  2. Will the last one out turn out the lights?

  1. Under the present feeble excuse of a government(unelected),can it get any worse in Britain?

    Some points,

    Record rise in the number of people claiming unemployment benefit-up some 138,400 in a single month-the highest jump on record.This figure on an annualised basis will mean some 1.7 million people joining the dole queue every year.

    Currency devaluation.Despite what pro-government spin doctors say(ashie),this will not lead to an increase in manufacturing,as since the devaluation of Sterling last November,manufacturing has suffered it's largest decline since 1968.Manufacturing in Britain is probably in terminal decline.

    Crime.Despite claims from jackboots,crime in Britain is probably worse than it has ever been,with some areas of large cities becoming virtually no-go areas for normal law-abiding people.

    Drugs,the comsumption of these is out of control.The Home Secretary(an admitted drug user) is in denial over this.

    Immigration,again out of control,record numbers are still being allowed in and 'asylum seekers"(read illegal immigrants) are still being housed and given benefits.

    Corruption.Mandleson,need I say more?.

    Gestapo state,record numbers of CCTV,monitering of all forms of electronic communication,comprehensive use of ANPR,monitering of arrivals and departures into and from the country,possibly leading to a permit system,with 24 hour notice being talked about.An ID card system to be introduced that even China and North Korea won't have.

    Unaccountable government,from an unelected Prime Minister with anti-democratic ministers dictating every aspect of life.An opposition MP arrested on the personal orders of jackboots by politically appointed police officers.

    The future for Britain is dire,with a deficit of some 33,000 pounds for each person(when you exclude the non-working this figure must double),taxpayers face a bleak future.

    Plans by the Labour left to disestablish the Church of England and abolish the Monarchy,leading to a de-facto communist state.

    Anyone care to add to the above?.
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It's going to take AT LEAST 5 terms of gobment before this country starts to look anything like out of the sh!t, so, it's not really a question of whether the Tories can fix it or not - it's whether the cretins who kept voting for Labour can allow them to stay in long enough.
  3. My move to Germany was a good deal smarter than I originally thought.
    The only problem is, should I return to UK for whatever reason, will the Grenztruppe allow me out? Or do I get the interview without coffee from the Stasi? :(
  4. What a load of toss - Spring weather, just thrashed the Frogs at rugby, fantastic Cheltenham racing festival, things are'nt perfect but they never have been.

    Britain, and England in particular, is a brilliant place, so if you are that miserable it says more about you than it does about the rest of us.

    Buck up.
  5. You're right,but I don't have all night to list all the faults of the government.Needless to say,there's more votes to be had by the present bunch of cnuts from DSS spending(some 200 billion),than increasing defence spending from it's pitiful 33 billion.

    I could also add squandering squillions on rescuing two Scottish banks,more taxpayer's money spent on Scotland,Wales,etc,but as I said,I haven't got all night........
  6. If your application is received in triplicate in good time(at least 3 months in advance)and your voluntary donation to the Party is accepted,permission for foreign travel is likely to be granted.Subject to the usual terms and conditions.
  7. Was Britain in terminal decline the last time this happened? E.g. 1970s

    Most of it is for the forseeable future, and has been ever since a bunch of people around the world decided that they could make stuff for a tenth of the wages.

    Er, no, that would leave a secular republic. Quite a bit more secret police and state ownership of industries needed before we reach communism. Do keep up. Unless you think the CoE and monarchy are what keep us from sliding into communism. :roll:
  8. You're definitely a Glass half full sort of person - did you have a big win on the horses?! :)
    Back on thread, I can't disagree with anything listed above, but remain to be convinced that DC and his gang can turn things around without taxing us all until the pips squeek. They deserve a chance though and if it gets rid of the likes of Harman, Smith, Balls, Hain and the one-eyed PM to name just a few, it can't happen too soon. They are all culpable of dragging this country down, thanks to their obsession with meeting targets and 10 year plans, just like the commies of old.

    PS: Forgot to mention the Martin creature - I know he is meant to be impartial as the speaker, but he never fails to show us his true colours - get him out!
  9. Bloody hell Seagull! All we'll be left with is vibrant, multicultural PCSOs who can't speak English and who get captured on CCTV urinating in public places.

    You do realise you'll have to fight polar bears out there while armed only with a taser gun and some pepper spray don't you?
  10. More pro Tory bollix. As I have said before, anyone that actually thinks that this country will be any better with Oily Dave and his Eton cronies in charge had better think again.
  11. Apparently a bear bell should help to protect me from the bears. Dunno how I'm going to get it around it's shagging neck though. :D
  12. Sorry if this is likely to cause an argument, but isn't this The only way forward for a Scottish government, divide conquer and overrun
  13. Very much so.

    Harold Wilson was preparing for 'wholesale domestic liquidation' in the mid-1970s. The government believed that a Zimbabwe style economic collapse was on the cards. By 1979, Operation Drumstick had been planned in detail to declare a state of emergency and use troops to crush the strikes.

    The navy were to be brought in for mass burials at sea due to fears of epidemics if the grave diggers' strike spread beyond Liverpool.

    I'd pretty much call that terminal decline. Fortunately a certain bouffant haired Lady with a half brick concealed in her handbag performed emergency resuscitation on us.

    Try a hundredth of the wages. I know a bloke who is a senior manager for a manufacturing company. He runs factories all over the world. He said moving a factory from the UK to Eastern Europe results in a 90% reduction in costs. Moving it again to China results in another 90% reduction in costs.

    Nobody in their right mind will set up a new manufacturing business in Britain. Companies are queueing up to get out and relocate to countries where they don't have to worry about being done for institutional racism if they put up a Christmas tree in the office.

    Regarding the comments about exit visas, I can't see it getting to that stage. What I can see is a reintroduction of strict exchange controls to stop people and businesses selling up and leaving the UK with their capital. You'll be free to leave, but you can leave your wealth behind. (Are you reading this Seagull - better get out quick or practice storing gold sovereigns, ahem, internally to get past customs at Heathrow).
  14. In answer to the thread question: Yes, it all started in 1939.