Britain Has Talent - Conny

Ok, just saw this clip on ( I have no idea how new or old it is, but this young lady is absolutely adorable and truly does give a great rendition of this song. I have loved Judy Garland's version for years, but I think this is the way it was truly meant to be sung (ok, insert mandatory gay joke about Broadway tunes here).

That said, Conny is adorable and is made of far sterner stuff than I ever could have hoped to have been at six years of age. Did she win or at least place well in the competition. Is there some sort of fund for her to support her singing endeavours? Did someone sign her to a contract?

Not really military, I know, and I apologize. But a sweet, charming girl, with a good voice and hopefully a very bright future ahead of her. Truly a bright spot in a world that needs more of those.
Thanks for the quick reply folks, very much appreciated.

While Conny may not have won the competition, I don't see anyway that someone could say she lost, although I ken your meaning and don't mean to criticize at all. She did a far better job than many an adult and I would certainly love to hear that little angel sing again.

Thankfully, I have been spared seeing her eliminated from competition, but I get the feeling she may have handled that with more grace then more (allegedly) adult competitors. In another era, she would have given Shirley Temple a good run.

Best of luck, Conny!
it was this guy, Paul Potts, that won it. and without sounding like i'm picking on the six(?) year old, he bloody well deserved to. theres a couple of links on the thread. watch nessun dorma, and see how at 1.56 Amanda Holden clearly has a very wet, very squealchy orgasm.

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