Britain has 2nd largest defence budget in the world

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Livin_on_a_prayer, Jun 23, 2006.

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  1. Well pointed out - now we just need to get the same value as China seems to! :D
  2. aye but that includes war pensions to ex forces , mothballed bases ,ships, military museums, warehouses full of duff kit here and abroad , payments family housing agencies , military hospital and medication, and mega pishups :D
  3. technically we're 3rd if you count the EU.
    Most of our budget goes on chairs for the civvies at Whitehall.
  4. we still have one??
  5. It shows we have the resources, but just need the right leadership to spend it properly.
  6. They saved a fortune when I started buying my own Loctite.

    Just need to procure what is actually needed and not what the old boy's network recommends.
  7. We've got the cash

    But we've also got Blair
  8. ?? maybe not in uk but abroad ? kcufnose :D
  9. Whitehall also sank about 1/2 of this budget in to urgently needed plasma tvs so that the desk minions could keep up with the cricket... er, sorry world events.

    Strange, Whitehall time and motion study recommends the cheapest and best solution is about 50 42" Plasma screens, yet similar time and motion studies have given us the L85 A1 and similar bits of kit..
  10. Isn't there a mil hospital at Gosport?
  11. Wow 2nd despite China and the US!
  12. Not any more.

    The military hospitals are:

    RNH Gibraltar
    TPMRAF(H) Akrotiri
    Duke of Connaught Unit, Belfast

    All are small and have very limited clinical capability.
  13. Apart from the fact that military 'experts' are included in the IPTs for that very reason. Check your facts first before gobbing off.
  14. Don't need to check facts. Saw the results myself of what people thought we needed and unboxed them to be boxed to be sent back.
    Waste of time and the taxpayers money. Still it kept me in a job.