Britain: Gutless, Spineless Wimp of a Country?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Yes, we're that infected by cultural Maxism we might as well be Italy

  2. No, if push came to shove we've still got the 'Spirit of the Blitz'

  1. So the mad mullahs think they can kidnap our boys (and girl) with impunity? Well maybe they're right. Reading the comments on the BBC 'Have Your Say' site:

    About 20% are reasoned, sensible comments. About 40% advocate the immediate bombing of Iran (with what, I wonder?), but for me the really depressing bit is that the remaining 40% or so actually appear to be siding with the Iranians! I've always known leftists hated their own country, but to actually hate and distrust your own country to such an extent that you'd rather support/beleive Ahmamadchigawallah above your own government and Navy beggars belief!

    How did this come to pass? Are we doomed?
  2. I'm afraid all these years of lies and spin means the British public dont trust or believe in anything anymore.
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    There is an ever decreasing population base left in the UK with a serious and realistic outlook on life.

    Life has been good, the economy strong, the most that folk will moan about it an increases of youngsters who can't be disciplined or the fact that Tesco is building a new store in the town. Human rights laws and the rest have moved society towards a "utopian" ideal (in their eyes - not mine). They have not had to deal with the nastiness that many of us have seen when out and about doing Tony's work in the rest of the world. In sum, they have become soft.

    I suppose we should argue that this should be seen as a thumbs up for our society that it has progressed to allow that softness. Difficulty is, within the rest of the world, other societies haven't reached that level and we are now isolated to the point of appearing stupid and naive.

    Look at all this slavery crap. 30 years ago - it would have been a simple case of saying "in the past, get over it, we have other problems to fix right now". Now we have time to tear our hair out, beat our breast and indulge in self flagulation with an Archbishop going as far as asking how compensation should be paid. Utterly, uttely, self gratifyingly pathetic.

    I don't see this attitude changing until they are made to face the stark and fragile realities of life, be it from depression or a proper war where people actually die and life is effected seriously within the UK.
  4. Thats a bit unfair on Italy - I believe we have gone a lot further down hill than that.

    As to bombing them I would simply use an ICBM primed to airburst a few miles up - the EMP would but them firmly back 'in the time of the prophet (pbuh)' with minimum damage outside of everything electrical.
  5. I am a man of few words.

    In_the_cheapseats sums it up beautifully
  6. Hmmm. Personally i am dispairing slightly of a large group of the populace. Not even a century ago people seemed to stand up for things; family, pride, political ideology, moral conviction... the list is endless really.

    However, i see an increasing number of very stupid, mindless, materialistic and inconsiderate people in Britain today and it infuriates me.

    'Fashion Man' is my personal nemesis, but there are a large number of other 'out of the box' characters one encounters frequently that are prime candidates for Fantasy Genocide...
  7. On top of that,as long as people can have huge credit card bills and big mortgages they can only just afford they don't mind what happens.
    From crime going up,appaling treatment of wounded soldiers,lies on iraq,Govt sleaze 10 times worse than it ever was under the Tories etc etc etc,people don't care.
    However judgment day is coming,interest rates are going up,immigration is having serious effects in parts of the country and crime is exploding in parts of London and the Midlands.Hopefully everything will fall to bits when Broon takes over,Bliars legacy to him and the country!
    Hopefully i'll be far away by then!!
  8. fellas,

    I'm just cynical about politicians full stop. All of 'em.

    they are just self promoting lunatics with their own agenda's......... do people really think if the tories get in things are going to be any better? or the libdems? or the bnp? or the monster raving looneys?

    the right has become the left, the left the right, left right left right.......

    these people are all as bad as each other. the depressing thing is, I see no way out of the downward spiral this once great country is taking.
  9. Aside from the fact that people are actually dying in the wars we have, I wholeheartedly concur. Joe Public can't be made to care about anything that doesn't substantially affect his personal well-being. Any of us now in civvy street can testify to the fact that they griped more about tuppence on their council tax than squaddies dying through lack of decent body armour.

    Voter apathy isn't just about lack of a decent alternative, it's about nobody giving a flying one anymore if it doesn't feel good or taste nice. Mrs Thatcher may have been wrong when she said there was no such thing as society, but she's sure as eggs right , now!

    Ah, well, my one consolation is that an electorate always wind up with the government they deserve. Come to think of it, that scares the sh1t out of me...
  10. warrydale... left is right and right is left LOL Still better than what America has with Bush in control
  11. Yep - says it all really. How sad we have come to this level in so short a time. Churchill was right when he alluded to the fact that one of the best arguments against democracy was a five minute conversation with the average voter!

    The young and not so young men and women of our Armed Forces (and former members) should be proud that they have been able through their own efforts and abilities to place themselves above this mess (not mispelt!) of humanity we call the UK.
  12. Seconded!
  13. When I was a wee nipper and I got out of line, the local beat bobby kicked me up the arrse then dragged me back home to mum who gave me a well deserved slap, it never did me any harm. I never carried a weapon, I respected my elders and I like to think i turned into a well adjusted individual that has spent his life in a disciplined way by serving my country.

    Nowadays bleeding heart liberals think we shouldn't discipline kids who now run about lawless because they know they are untouchable.

    Prisons are better than hotels.

    Immigration is out of control.

    Crime is out of control.

    People are scared to do anything in case they are beaten, stabbed, shot...or arrested for standing up for themselves against the poor defenceless yob and his gang of mates.

    The majority of people are content to sit at home and live from benefits that are better than the average wage.

    The workers are being taxed to the hilt to pay for the job shy.

    Britain soft? Too bloody right it is. :frustrated:

  14. By proper war here I’m thinking you mean on a large scale death tolls of yester-year like in WW2.

    Though here’s the tricky part to all this, we all know what the country should be like but how do we get there? Yes a slow road but how to you start people on their way down it?
  15. Couldn't agree more. The PC / Lefty Brigade have left us a country devoid of common sense and discipline.

    Its the price of progress.


    [By the above i mean that even if we do ever get to be a Utopian planet then how long until some threat shows up in that ruins everything... I'm guessing that a utopian planet wouldn't need an army, and therefore would be defenseless?]