Britain going down the shitter!?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Birdy, Jul 19, 2005.

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  1. Recently someone I know was stabbed to death outside a club.
    The twat that did it has just been sentenced and has recieved 3years and probably be out in 2years on good behaviour. :x
    Anyone else got the urge to leave this country!?!Seems to me this country is a bag of shite!
  2. Good luck mate, but I think you'll find Florida has its fair share of scumbags. My ex was working there as a fashion photographer and had some bastar break into her flat when she was in and attacked her - she screamed her head off and fortunately a neighbour chased him off. I was going to send her money for a handgun but her dad beat me to it.
  3. got posted to germany a few years back, love it. Am proud to be English but do not want to live there anymore. It is not the country i grew up in. Germany has it all for me, a vibrant night life, lack of crime and the fact that there is not an awful lot of chavs around (apart from wives)
  4. Sooner the creep is out, the sooner you get to meet him. On the other hand why wait? I can't remember the details, but just a few years ago someone who had been a Naughty Boy was on extended holiday courtesy of Her Majesty on the Isle of Sheppey, and he had a visit from his solicitor. The staff, as it was a solicitor, left offender and solicitor together in privacy. It wasn't a solicitor, a friend/relative of victim (sorry but I cannot remember the details). Anyway offender got a good kicking, and "solicitor" got off very lightly indeed.

    Seconds thoughts, Florida sounds just great, till you remember that the State Governor is the brother of............ why did I have to go and spoil it for you?
  5. First you have to find a country where this kind of thing does not happen. That country does not exist. Wherever you go there are bad elements. Obviously you knew this person and as I would expect have taken it quite personally. Can't blame you for that but to say the entire country is a 'bag of shite' is a bit unfair. Florida, safe as houses there mate, no violence, no knives, no guns, nothing! Ahem, best of luck.
  6. Go, like the f*cking wind, don't look back, this isn't great britain any more it's blairs banana republic
  7. Yes Britian is a bag of shite i agree, iam proud to be British however settling thanks.
  8. Sounds like justice in Canada.
    He'd have been let out on his own recognizance there between trials, and after sentencing to get his life in order before reporting to the Sheriff.
  9. HERE HERE, If only I could talk my wife into leaving. I've come to the conclusion that the UK is no longer a country I wish to bring my children up in.

    Oh yeah, being skint doesn't help either.
  10. I have moved from an urban area out to the sticks. It is great - no noise, no loud kids, no chav scum inflicting their musical "tastes" on everyone else on a Sunday afternoon.

    Is there a Chav-Free Nation? Can we establish one? Probably not, but Germany sounds promising - if they are still hassling people for washing their cars on a Sunday (and if their Deutsche Bahn police are still packing pistols and batons) then it might be the place to be! I might be able to cope with the litre glasses of beer and the dodgy porn...
  11. An old phrase involving frying pans and fire comes to mind.

    Actually, on second thought — it's probably a good idea to spend a couple of years here in the States (legally, of course) to experience it firsthand...Florida or L.A. are the usual docking points for British expats. Eventually you may come to appreciate how much better the overall quality of life really is in the UK! Especially if you don't make those mythical millions when you get here.

    Personally, I'm emigrating to England next month to join the Tankie, and I can't get out of here fast enough. :?
  12. I liked the East Coast USA - very nice, particularly in late summer/early autumn. As for the West Coast and LA - s0d that, if I want sand, sea and occasional mountains I'll visit Spain! :D
  13. Another reason among many which is forcing me to leave this country

    I am proud to be a Brit but this country is not the same anymore it's full of illegal immigrants who get a better crack out of things than me and full of wishy washy PC Brigade - I pay my taxes and be a law abiding citizen and get F*** all in return, And to top it all off Blair has another 5 years to make this country the armpit of the world - enjoy!!!

    Thats better - I can get off my soap box now!!
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Is Britain going down the shitter ?


    Gone, flushed, through the sewerage works, released from the bovril boats & now floating somewhere in a sea of kak.
  15. I don't mind the "immigrants" - it is the home-grown wasters that annoy me. If I were king (or emperor or grand wazoo) I'd happily arrange an "exchange programme" which sent our chavs abroad to sub-Saharan hell-holes and brought back keen and intelligent disadvantaged persons.