"Britain gets ready for urgent Iraq pullout"

i have this image of a fighting withdrawal into saudi leaving behind burning buildings and dozens of burning british vehicles. that would not reflect well on brown or hutton would it!

it's not long ago that broon was in Iraq, why didn't he get it sorted?
Chuffit said:
dingerr said:
Nothing like leaving it to the last minute then!

Gutted, that looks like my tour in April is out the window.
I'd be chuffed to little mint balls......
There was a little sarcasm involved.

But then it doesn't mean i miss out on a tour either, lucky me gets to go somewhere else hot.
Apart from the memory and respect due to those who will never come home, then I hope this withdrawal happens sooner than later.

I hope also that the opprobrium and disgust attaching to this infamous and illegal invasion of a Sovereign state is visited upon the perpetrator:


not so much a 'politician' as 'wannabee a pop-star'!

In addition I pray that the misguided oaf and maladjusted fool denying the vital resources to the Armed Forces throughout this entire and tragic misadventure - Brown. G - is suitably dealt with - in Court - in The Hague!
The Iraqi parliament wouldn't have done themselves and Iraq any favour had they insisted the British army should leave before January 1st. Did they really believe for 1 second they could deploy enough Iraqi security forces to the Basra province in less than 10 days?

Badly performed political power play.

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