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Apologies if this is in the wrong thread, but I have just had a slight run in with some characters from the above mentioned organisation who regularly set up a couple of stalls in my Town Centre, decorated with plastic table covers in what they assume is Desert camoflage (in fact it is the US Desert pattern from the First Gulf War), attracting civilians to their table by calling out, loudly, for better treatment for "Our Soldiers", then persuading the civilians to sign their petition, provide e-mail details and part with money for tatty "Britain First" lapel pins. The run in came when I asked what exactly they were campaigning for and what was their political agenda, bearing in mind I was aware they had been formed from former members of the BNP in 2011, a fact they were only too keen to deny.

Whilst I can have no objection to anyone petitioning the public for signatures to present to Parliament, as is the right of every citizen in the UK, I do object to the fraudulent method by which they obtain those signatures, from people who know little better but are perhaps keen to show their patriotism to the Armed Forces, particularly when the organisation gives the impression that they have some sort of official backing.

I have already informed some former colleagues in the MOD and elsewhere with regard to the legal position of this organisation operating. However, I am not aware if they have obtained traders licences from the local council to operate in the town centre as the latter would not impart that information to me.

I would be interested to know if they have operated in any other towns and cities using the same methods.
Haven't seen them in Saigon yet but will let you know if they arrive here.
Read all about it . . . Racist man who creates racist organistion leaves because it's become too racist.

Britain First founder Jim Dowson quits over mosque invasions and 'racists and extremists'

The founder of Britain First has resigned from the far-right group over its “provocative and counterproductive” mosque invasions.
James “Jim” Dowson, a former British National Party (BNP) member and anti-abortion campaigner, announced his departure on Sunday.
While Britain First blamed “media pressure” and family issues for the decision and said he would be missed “enormously” in a saccharine post, Mr Dowson publicly shamed the group’s tactics as “unacceptable and unchristian”.

You couldn't make it up

Sorry for the thread drift, but it gives some background to BF
They are a paramilitary bunch of walts that resemble the green soldiers off Toy Story. They even have themselves an "armed forces officer" now don't ya know?


Did anyone notice that this thing gives more details in his bio about his "rank" in cadets and IJLB than he does about his time in the regular army?

"I saw a brief combat service during Operation Granby (1991 Gulf conflict) attached to 39 Heavy Artillery Regiment (MLRS) as Command Post Guard for them."

The Gunners say "39 Regiment Royal Artillery is the only regular army unit equipped with the state of the art Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS). Our regiment has four equipment batteries, each one operates the Multiple Launch Rocket System Each Rocket has a range of 70 KM, hence the nickname 'The 70km Sniper', and can be delivered to an accuracy of 5 Metres."

He must have had a hard war guarding the CP so far away from the enemy...

But hey ho...maybe it is just me, but I have a problem with corporals who get involved in politics during times of financial depression and political unrest...


It appears that after some internet questioning on his being "Riffles" and later with the TA in "The Royal Artillery Regiment" his future may be in some present doubt. That he named his TA regiment by its name which had changed 2 years before he got there was also slightly odd. Current thought is he may be about to retire through illness from Britain First after his exhausting couple of days in the post.


Nick Griffin has some time on his hands at the moment and I'm sure he'd fit right in.....

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