"Britain First" - Politcal Party? Extremist Group? Knitting Club?

Chaps (and Chapesses),

I've just found out that my belovéd mother was given a leaflet today by a group called "Britain First," who were stood at a stand with a large banner stating "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS." She told me that she filled out a form with them (Name, address, signature, etc) and I'm worried that they're exploiting people's support for the troops in order to gain support.

NOTE: Being ex-CivPol, this has worn off on my mum and she is highly suspicious of people. She never usually gives out her details, but was conned into giving them over by an "ex-soldier" (hmmmmm) who made her feel this was a legitimate and trustworthy organisation.

This is said leaflet which I've scanned into my PC:

Having checked them out, they look very "BNP" / "EDL" and I'm a little worried that mother dearest has just become a skinhead.

Website: http://www.britainfirst.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Britain-First/213085425370080

Anyone have any knowledge of this lot?

Cheers - Stops

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