Britain first (from Spectator)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Sep 26, 2004.

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  2. Bearing in mind it's Sunday evening,
    can I have the synopsis version please?
  3. Syopsis ,Bush and Blier are cnuts, but they've got away with it. :twisted:
  4. Synopsis: The average Briton derives no benefit from the Blair regime's subscription to Washington's "bomb the Middle East into modernity" project.
  5. thank you x
  6. Good plan none the less :wink:
  7. Succint and to the point NWD.

    What is politico-speak for putting your fingers in your ears and saying "La-la-la I'mnot listening because God tells me I'm right" 8O
  8. Go on, you red rosette-wearers - prove you are not sheep after all...

    From the BBC website

    Interestingly enough, Niall Ferguson (of the article at the start of the thread) ran a TV series and has a book on the rise and fall of the Amreican empire...think it was called Colossus.
  9. He also wrote a very good book and series on the rise and fall of the British Empire. Loads of lefties, including that egregious w@nker and associate editor of the Spectator, Rod Liddle, hated Fergusson's conclusion that it did less harm than good. His conclusion about America was less clear.
  10. I take it the Spectator is a left-wing rag?

    The whole article was written with that in mind, the left wing attitude to prise us away from the US and cement us in Europe. Typical pile of left wing, europhile anti-US crape.

    I personally find we have more in common with the US than with the surrender monkeys attitude that is rapidly becoming the EU :evil:
  11. :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Well, compared to National Front News it is....
  12. I'll not argue with that
  13. The Spectator is editied by Boris Johson the Tory MP for Henly on Thames. In fact I dont think the article is lefty at all. While I agree that the UK has in some respects more in common with the US than Europe, in that the Europeans in my opinion, are nothing more than a bunch of moral cowards. At least the the US are patriotic and while not always the sharpest tool in the box I do believe they would come to our aid faster than any of our "neighbours".

    Niall Ferguson, lectures I believe in Washington state University and is revilled by the left wing press in the light of two books and TV series which both claimed that

    A: In some parts of the empire the Brits were, while not always perfect, a modernising and civilising influence. Coming from such a state myself and looking at the bigger picture and not focusing on sentiment I agree.

    B. The US while never setting out to become an empire did in fact take on many of the trappings of empire, just look at the current global cultural influence. He also professed that if the US had of really wanted to be an empire congress would have allowed the military to properly engage the enemy in VietNam like BritFor did in Malaya. This however is annother argument.

    What Ferguson is saying in this article is that while it would seem that the UK and US should exist in a special relationship (based on our dependancy on US military might and our international support) he is being a realist and reading the possible writing on the wall. UK citizens are not as patriotic as their US counterparts. While US immigrants on the whole are absorbed and strongly encouraged to be Americans first and Polish, Indian, Italian whatever second. In the UK we have subscribed to multiculturalism, dont fit in do your own thing and form a ghetto. Take our benefits and freedoms but keep your standards... take and do not pay back or be a team player. Religion is a baltant difference chalk and cheese really.

    Ferguson is I believe, being cautionary and from what I know of him is far more US friendly than EU.

    At the end of the day I would, despite blue on blue rather have the yanks standing with us than the French running away or the "new" weak Germans, Belgians or whatever. Ferguson is just pointing out who we may one day find ourselves sharing a shell scrape with 8O 8O
  14. You certainly know how to make my Monday become very depressing :roll:
  15. Sorry old boy but its very likley to happen, believe it or not Blair is the keenest to stay with the US the rest of Labour would prefer to cosy up to the EU 8O , that way we will one day go "Ohh we cant get involved, no capability, can someone else do it/pay for it?"

    Reality can sometimes be really shite :cry: :cry: