Britain faces Iraq rout says US

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Aug 18, 2007.

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  1. Using a shield of antiwar protestors and Guardian readers

  2. Via Iran

  3. We are not leaving

  4. Dressed as Americans

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  5. Offering Tony Blair as a safe passage hostage

  6. As we arrived – quickly

  7. Casually late one night

  8. Fully protected by the Iraqi Army and Police

  1. in full
  2. Use Bliar as sandbags, the cnut took us there, he can help get us out
  3. Don't forget his wife... :twisted:
  4. You'll end up in the Hague if you deploy that
  5. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    And according to "Team Defence" it will, no doubt be a great success with everyone home for tea and medals!
  6. Is it me or is the tide of US media turning in our direction as they find someone to blame for the lack of success? I have no doubt that it is an incredibly hard op to fulfil, but stabbing your allies in the back via the media is a bit much...awaiting incoming if I have in fact grabbed entirely the wrong end of the stick...

  7. i agree with you lately theres a been a few stories like this but i hope they emphasise that it's a political blunder not a military blunder our lads are doing the best they can with what they've got. we didn't ask to go there with the yanks did we
  8. I think your right, its in preparation for the 'If the South flank had held the US would have won in Iraq' revisionism which will be rolled out in a few years including a couple of movies.
  9. dont think so remember the politicos are jockeying for position as the good guys!!! so monkey boy will lay it on thick as you like ..... The US lost the middle east cos of insert .......... tommy atkins GOD the democrats GOD again but of course there one!! Gloabal warming etc etc it wont have nothing to do with monkey boy and his posse of fcktards being w^nkers
  10. Yep - we will cop the blame as usual. Popular 'history' in the US will forget all the many and varied countries who left Iraq long before we have - having suffered a fraction of the casualties that we have - and lay the blame for the collective failure squarely on us cowardly Brits. I await with bated breath the flood of American civvies lining up to spit on the graves of our fallen comrades in the name of salvaging their own national myth.

    Not for the first time, I wish I'd been born about 800 years ago...
  11. I imagine the opposition will do everything they can not to interfere with the withdrawal, so they can crack on with they've been itching to do for so very long.
  14. From my limited experience of the media and its effect in USA, I am increasingly disturbed by this shift, the news especially seemed more biased than you could possibly get away with here! And Halo, remember, there has been no loss, no defeat, there never will be-tactical withdrawal maybe, or "draw down in forces", but Bush and the great USA be defeated? Never! :roll: :x

    It seems that the media shift is well timed to co-incide with the embarassing releases that Armchair Jihad has posted, and a growing pressure on the MoD. Having read several other threads including the "what would keep you in" thread, I am increasingly (as an adolescent teenager) aware of the need to institute root and branch reform in the way we deal with the military, from civil serpents to procurement. Sad thing is, it must be the public who raise hell over it. Exhibitions like the "Hell land" one are just the thing...maybe something akin to making German citizens clear up the camps... :twisted: :D But I digress...I must say I rather liked the idea of leaving casually in the night, it has a certain style to it...

  15. proximo wrote:

    If there's going to be a power struggle after the withdrawal then it seems to me that it would be politically beneficial for the militias to be able to claim they caused it. So I reckon they'll be very tempted to attack large.
    On the other hand losing a few hundred of their fighters during the withdrawal would not help them with the power struggle afterwards. So UK forces on the ground need to be in a position to explain to the baddies that it will be option 2 and not option 1.

    Seems to me the guppymint needs to have plans to re-deploy a lot of peeps to cover the withdrawal. Send whatever the RAF has that can make big bangs and let everyone involved know that the rules of engagement during the withdrawal will boil down to "whatever neccessary".

    If they don't and it turns out really nasty then...