Britain faces increased threat of dirty bomb

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hong_kong_fuey, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. Here we go. I wondered when the flames of fear would be stoked by the government. They really are the most despicable bunch of treasonous and poisonous w4nkers, aren't they?

    Daily Heil
  2. Britain Faces Dirty Bomb Threat - only Gordon can save us!!!

    (In best Dr Evil voice)Riiiiggghhhtttt.....
  3. Having said that, there is a real probability of a 'dirty bomb' being used sometime in the future. We are living in interesting times.
  4. Word on that. :plotting: :twisted:
  5. The threat of that one eyed cunt and all his commie tosspot mates remaining in power is something that worries me far more than a mohammed in a van with some weedkiller and a pair of nuclear underpants.
  6. This dirty bomb sounds less than ideal. Presently terrorism in the UK kills very little people even if there was a 7/7 everyear the changes of having premature death caused by terrorism would be increadibly low much less than more mundance causes. Of course if living in London it would be much greater but much below more mundance deaths.

    Its the economic and order problems that are the real worry for anything but a major attack. The econic consequences through fear of further attack creating uncertanty after an attack.

    It can be poltically strategicly benefical for MPs to use terrorism to divertet attention and unite also to impose control.

    People disporoportionally worry about terrorism because of the lack of perception of control. While worrying less about more likely causes of premature death.

    People winged on about glasgow for months. An iraqy doctor who had seen his country ruined by invasion and mass slaughter of its people through British involment in creating anocay. He was not nessarily some relogous nut may be slightly miffed with the state of iraq or something.

    The more real and present danger I worry about is the government increasing fuel duty. If there an attack I wont be proberly wont there if i am its an anomally.
    If i was irrational enough to think otherwise i would play the lottery. Of course it does not mean its not possible but there is likly things to think about.

    This terrorism nonsense is proberly good for army funding and creating bogus jobs .
  7. What would happen though? If this actually happened does anyone actually think that Britain would respond in kind? How exactly would the world be a different place?
  8. The considered posts of H2F and Frank have comforted Me no end. I can sleep easy now that there is no increased threat since the gang that have been selling enriched uranium has been caught, knowing as I do that the intelligence communities have reported back to the two stalwarts above that there is no Jihaadist poised even now with his finger on the trigger of a dirty bomb.

    How dastardly of the government to talk up the chances of us all getting a lifetime of not quite barium meals, how any months ago were the gang caught selling their DIY dirty bomb kits anyway?
  9. After running you're message through the Universal Translator, I can now answer. :roll:

    While I agree that in statistical terms, Terrorism is not a major threat compared to, for example, cancer, heart disease etc, we would be foolish indeed to not take it seriously.

    I am certain that Broon and his gang have thrown this out there in a desperate, pathetic attempt to divert attention from the car-crash the Labour Party has become. I am equally certain that there are potential terrorists in this country who would love to pull of the ultimate terrorist spectacular.

    Even if the actual death-toll from a Dirty Bomb was "relatively" low, the chaos it would cause does'nt bare thinking about; imagine if one exploded anywhere near the centre of London. Depending on the size of the Bomb and the material used, a large part of one of the greatest and most important cities in the world could well become a ghost town for a generation or more.

    One final point: NOTHING this Government does is good for funding the Army, or any other Service! :twisted:
  10. I'm just comforted you're here, Sven; I thought you'd be wrapped up in a blanket, eating ice-cream and singing "All By Myself!" while watching Gordon being gang-raped on TV! :twisted:

    Seriously, mate, you and all the other True Believers he's dumped just have to move on, he was a Cad anyway, Bridget, plenty more fish in the sea...
  11. There's lot's of sensible things to worry about. Hitting LPG ports, Chemical plants and even a good old fashioned truck bombing campaign are within the reach of any marginally competent terrorist group and all have the potential to rapidly cause four figure casualties and massive economic damage.

    A Dirty Bomb ain't one of em:
    Lacing chlorine into a conventional truck bomb as has been done in Iraq is likely to lead to a higher incidence of morbidity.

    Mind considering that when some bearded Muppet sets himself on fire in a provincial airport the whole wretchedly cowardly country collectively wets itself one doesn't like to consider the headless chicken panic any such attack might cause.
  12. Since when does a dirty bomb have to kill to be effective? Area denial to the population - especially in a tourist hotspot like London - would be more effective as a propaganda victory as well as a long term enbuggerance.
  13. I'm due to receive a job-lot of Prozac from my contact in Burma in the next couple of days, Sven. I accept PayPal.
  14. That's amazing!!! ou see, i get issued Prozac from the doc for my Cataplexy - it doesn't work half as well as Anafranil but it holds me in check -just.

    So You see, I don't need any more of the stuff.
  15. Cut out the middle-man: send them straight to Gordon! He'll need them even more than Sven! :twisted: