Britain Coming To a Head?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by righthandmarker, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. Now I am laid back sort of bloke that tries to see the good in most things and likes to give the benefit of the doubt unless I am shown otherwise (unlike most of you ******* on here).
    I know that similar topics have been discussed before but I am just wondering with headlines and news like this becoming more common; and with seeing people like Mandleson back in the position of authority he is in (he is the one behind scrapping the pound for the euro purely for personal gain by the way)
    I am beginning to sense that people just like me are really really sick of what's happened and is happening to this one great nation. There really is so much the laid back, easy going chap can take and we all know that when you push this type of person to his limit (and it does take some doing to rouse him, I grant you), the effects can be quite devistating.
    What I am saying is how long will it be before we borrow grandad's Luger from the shed and start stocking up with molotov cocktails ready for a spot of reclamation?
  2. 8O How can you say such things, don't you know that even thinking like that can lead to severely slapped wrists?
  4. All governments have worked out that the Great British Public are so docile and stupid that you can pull any stunt on them and they'll lie back and accept it - this government is the only one ever to have pushed this trait to the absolute limit. What are you going to do - go down the pub and moan about it? Now if the government scrapped Emerdale, East Enders, Coronation Street and Big Brother, THAT would cause a revolution!
  5. Are you commenting on your own personal state of political apathy?
  6. To be honest mate I'd be careful of anything you read in the Sun.
  7. A Stop the War March is planned????

    How can we stop the War??????
    If we send Troops in there would be demonstrations, If we dont there will be demonstrations!!!!!! We just cant win.
  8. I'd get your insurrections and civil wars from books and films. The worst you'll get here is civil disobedience.

    We are a docile lot - and will remember Prescott getting an egging for years, because it was so, well, anarchic.

    ...and you have a Luger in the shed eh? That's 10 years - report to your local copshop please.
  9. Hmmmm

    Are we going to see the ordinary man rise up and revolt - I doubt it very much. Not least because they are still engaged in the political process.

    Are we going to see a military coup? Even less chance of that. Her Maj has shown no indication that she would support such a thing and is ANY military man willing to stand against the royal family? I can see it now - Gen Sir Wacky Squaddietype marches up to the Queen and asks to form a government of senior officers. "No", comes the reply, "feck orf and bring back my ministers, and once you've done that lock yourselves in the tower". What would those VSOs do then :roll:
  10. The hippies can march to whatever the fcuk they like; nothing will happen apart from them going home with the delusion that they've done something useful. Ban the nukes or make poverty history didn't change anything much, did they?
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Golly gosh old bean. One is getting the faintest impression from your eloquent dissertation on the state of our lands that one is ever so slightly miffed, what?!

    I say, that's a bit of a rum thing to say. One agrees that perhaps things could be a little bit more prosperous on the home front, but to suggest not having biscuits with one's tea simply because of a miffedness with our fine and upstanding, nay honourable elected leaders is going a tad overboard.

    Please, be a gentleman and refrain from such utterances of malcontent in public forums, lest the plebs become unsettled, there's a good chap.