Britain coming out of the recession?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sebcoe, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. According to MSN Arabia, the UK is coming out of the recession, anyone feel better off?
  2. Never felt particularly bad, TBH. Some food prices went up, that was about it. Our mortgage repayments have dropped by around £80 p/m thanks to low interest rates, so if anything we're neutral or even slightly better off. But then we'd not lived beyond our means, borrowing and pissing it up the wall like it was our own money we were wasting.

    I've a deal of sympathy for people who've been made unemployed through no fault of their own but in a lot of cases the misery has been exacerbated by greed and short-sightedness. A 7xsalary mortgage isn't sensible in any realistic view of the world, even if that was the only debt you have to service.
  3. Actually ive never been so well off, ive managed to keep my job ,earn as much as i did before the downturn so at the moment my cash is actually going further, i even managed to pick up a very nice low mileage bmw 330 at ridiculous money due to the state of the market, happy days
  4. Not really noticed it. In fact, I even started my own company earlier this year, so it's not that bad (and I'm hopeless!).
  5. Our company has had one of the best years ever, exports up and domestic business has been good as well. Just had a decent pay rise as a result.
  6. Any idea that the recession is coming to an end is utter bollox, many of the small business' that have survived this far are really strugling and may yet go to the wall.
    A fair proportion of the lads I know have lost work and are now earning substantially less than they were a year or two ago. An old friend of mine who works in heavy plant has just gone out to Afghanistan because there is little work here (he's in his 50's)
    Personally life is okay, her indoors earns and although my work is a bit sparse the lower mortgage payments help offset that. The difference this year is that staying level financially is an achievement, growth? Your having a laugh
  7. Wot he says.
  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Coming out of recession is the logical conclusion if it appears UK has stopped going in - e.g. levelled out.
    That has happened.
    It is also correct to talk it up a bit within reason, "consumer confidence" is a concept UK is very dependant on.
    What is for sure is UK is not recovering as quickly as comparable countries, went in deeper, and spent a hell of a lot more getting the graph line to level out. Currently the lines do not converge regarding debt service and economic recovery 8O
    That in itself is a reason why UK remains rather vulnerable, the international markets are not confident, and a second slide is possible. I even heard one forecast of the pound dipping below euro parity - scary when it should be 30-40% above that!
  9. Christ, stay in the recession; I get paid in Euros & am loving the exchange rate!
  10. My (business to business) company felt the effects of the recession quite heavily, but things have really picked up since August. It seems to me that attitudes are changing and purse strings are being relaxed a little. We're certainly not where we were a couple of years ago, but we seem to be on the right track.

    Then again, ask me this time next month and I may have something completely different to say...
  11. Noticed the difference in the job market. Then again, I grew up in Telford in the early 80s and this current recession hasn't come anywhere close to that (yet), and I couldn't take seriously the media predictions of it being like the 1930s depression.
  12. Depends in what sector you work.

    I used to work in the Mobile Cranes side of things back here,and you could tell how things were going by simply seeing how many cranes were in the yard during the day.

    Good times,there would be maybe two cranes out of 80 parked up for a service and the rest were out.

    Present times like this friday afternoon that I went past,almost the entire crane Fleet was parked up in the yard already...that is not a good sign,means almost all weekend work is off.
  13. I will be leaving the UAE next year as the quality of work here is rubbish and Arabs don't like paying at the best of times, I have already started making "in roads" for my new business in the UK, good luck Speedy, I have set up and sold on lots of companies in the UK, drop me PM if you have any issues with your business.
  14. I have to agree with you 2nd comment in ref unemployed, greed & short-sightedness, I strongly believe the recovery will be very slow, it's already been stated that the dole figures will continue to rise, abeit slowly but still rise!

    Oil prices showing signs of rises due to a prediction of a harsh winter, we 'may' be leveling out in the UK but the recovery is a long way away from many sectors of the UK
  15. "Britain coming out of the recession?"


    Just come back from a road trip around Le Continent…

    French, Belgian, Luxemburger, German, Swiss and Italians town centres… all the shops seem open, a few sales on, but by and large all seems well with their world.

    Meanwhile back in Britain…

    More plywood covered shopfronts than you can shake a stick at, all the rest with desperate Buy! Buy! Buy! Sales on.

    Well, sales of plywood are certainly booming in Britain.