Britain can no longer afford role in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by maguire, May 23, 2010.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

  2. Well, fancy that, a politician with common sense! It's refreshing to see this government actually saying what most have known for ages, and I loved that reference to Afghanistan being a 13th century country. Bet the usual suspects are complaining before lunchtime?
  3. Ignoring the rest of the article for a moment I'd find question at least in part with the assertation that Britain 'can no longer afford role in Afghanistan'. As the sixth largest economy in the world we're more than capable of affording something like this it's just that at current funding levels that were screwed, unfortunately there isn't a political will to match resources with needs.
  4. You might be needed in Iran soon... To spread some democracy, I guess...
    Obama starts massive US Air-Sea-Marine build-up opposite Iran
  5. Just like in Basrah we'll be popping smoke soon enough. No matter what the politicians say we will not have 'won' and it will not be a success.

    The sad truth is that like Basrah we will leave the country with a poor reputation in the region. Although it will be a political defeat based on little public support it will be remembered as a military defeat whether we like it or not.

    The only thing we can take from it is Up To Date soldiering experience to give to the next generation of troops and a good photo album.
  6. that statement is no longer correct.

    'no longer' suggests that we could afford it before.
  7. Well they are closing hospitals down in my neck of the woods and unemployemnt is rising rapidly.

    Do you live in the affluent South East perchance ?

    Just get our lads out of Afghanistan, Pronto !

    Let Afghanistan rot in the 13th.Century where it belongs.

    The only thing that seems to have occured since our lads where sent out there was a massive increase in Opium production. Now I can see unruly folk like the CIA being very interested in that sort of stuff !
  8. I,m going to be totally blunt....Afganistan is a waste of our good Troops lives....fullstop.
    Why are we losing excellent young People in that 3rd World protect our National security back home....but not expelling known Pakistani nutters back to Pakistan,because of their Human rights?
    Why have 2 time served Marines been booted out of their jobs,and lost their pensions for hitting a bomb planter with a Welly,when *********,not British,but Pakistani,who planned to blow up British citizens in Manchester are not deported?
    Our blokes should be manning our own home borders and anyone who wants to hurt our Country should be deported and if they get tortured or executed.....tough S***.....they chose the life!!!
  9. Brown Broke Britain.

  10. Regarding bold and underlined above: correct. The BBC (Dir Gen: P. Mandelson) Radio 4 has not stopped dripping poison and trying to stir up trouble over this factual remark.

    What the BBC (Dir Gen: P. Mandelson) cannot comprehend is that Labour lost the General Election and that Dr. Fox has this hitherto unknown attribute for a politician of speaking the truth.

    Furthermore, the BBC (Dir Gen: P. Mandelson) Radio 4 has not lost an opportunity in days of getting some failed Labour twerp to spout on 'knowledgeably' on all manner of subjects. Never a Tory or a Liberal within earshot.

    Yesterday this travesty of a public broadcaster - overpaid by our tax-money - gave lengthy airspace to Jack Dromey MP, now there is an intellect to reckon with! The Treasurer who failed to notice £1,000,000 being paid into an account he was responsible for! All he did was criticise the Coalition - in existence for a few days only - never a constructive word. The failed oiks standing for the Labour 'leadership' ('Labour' and 'leadership' are words I do not associate together) are given hours and hours of air-time. Why? We have had thirteen disastrous years of Labour dogma based mainly on envy, malice and spite.

    When the business of Afghanistan is properly addressed; when the bankruptcy of the nation is properly addressed; when the parlous and dirty state of the NHS is addressed; when the soviet style 'all down to lowest possible level' of our shameful state education is seriously addressed, then I hope the Coalition will turn on the BBC and sort out the bias and bollocks resident therein!
  11. The way I see it the real centre of the terrorism threat to this country is probably nowhere near Helmand, Luton and points north would be a better bet
  12. Is this a hint that everybody is going to pull out, like everyone does in the end !!!
  13. What a waste of life to leave with our tail between our legs, most of the Army now probably joined after 2002, so they knew what they were getting into, dare I say, some even will have joined because of current ops.

    The politicians and British public are cowards and they're making us look bad.
  14. My brother has a good friend who is an out and out Labour supporter.
    I can always tell when brother has been speaking to him for I Get, The Army will be defeated in Afghanistan, no ones ever won there.
    I answered well Alexander is still remembered and then some weeks later after brother had been reindoctrinated it changed to well not in modern times.
    So my reply was, Er can you tell me when the policy changed from defeating the Taliban to Nation building ?
    Think it's still being worked on for answer.

    But I think we can't afford Labours Wars any longer.
  15. msr

    msr LE

    We are their army...