Britain can do 'nothing' to prevent Argentina retaking Falkland Islands

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Afghan_Kandak, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. Britain can do 'nothing' to prevent Argentina retaking Falkland Islands

    The head of the Naval task force in the Falklands War has warned that defence cuts mean Britain can now do "precisely nothing" to prevent Argentina retaking the islands.

    Admiral Sir John "Sandy" Woodward also said that America now had little interest in supporting Britain in any conflict as a stable Argentina was more important to the State Department.

    In a letter to The Daily Telegraph, Adml Woodward said Washington was pushing for negotiations over sovereignty and "significantly the islands are already being called the Malvinas by the US".

    With the end of the Cold War and emergence of Asian powers Nato and Britain were not as important to Washington which in 1982 played a significant part in providing satellite intelligence and missiles to British forces.

    "We can no longer rely on the Pentagon to support us in helping the islanders in their wish to remain essentially British sovereign territory," he wrote.

    If as is likely significant oil reserves are found around the islands then pressure from Argentina will be immense to share in the riches.

    The US would support an Argentine "accommodation" as its national interest supports stability in the area. "This tells us all too clearly which way the wind is blowing." The Organization of American States, a talking shop for north and south American countries, last week adopted a declaration calling for negotiations between Britain and Argentina over the "sovereignty" of the Falkland Islands.

    President Barack Obama's administration also made clear in early 2010 that it would endorse calls for talks over the islands when it adopted the Organisation of American States useage of Malvinas instead of Falklands.

    Adml Woodward said with the Armed Forces already "over-committed" in Afghanistan and Libya and the Navy drastically weakened following last year's defence review "the answer appears to be that we can do precisely nothing other than accede to US pressure".

    The 79-year-old admiral led a substantial task force of two aircraft carriers, a dozen frigates and destroyers, four submarines and a total of 100 surface ships along with 25,000 servicemen were to retake the Falklands in 1982.

    But the Royal Navy no longer has aircraft carriers, has lost its force of Harrier jump jets and seen its warship fleet cut in half over the last decade.

    The islands are currently protected by a force of more than 1,000 troops with a reinforced company of infantry and four Typhoon fighters and a single frigate. However the Typhoons have no anti-ship or anti-submarine capability.

    In a letter obtained by The Daily Telegraph last year Liam Fox, the Defence Secretary, warned the Prime Minister that the island's defences would become fragile in light of the looming cuts in the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR).

    He said axing the Nimrod MRA4 maritime reconnaissance aircraft would "limit our ability to deploy maritime forces rapidly into high-threat areas, and delete one element of our Falklands reinforcement plan".

    The last of the £3.6 billion Nimrods was destroyed in March following the defence review.

    A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: "Claims that the Falkland Islands could be taken without a fight are completely without substance. The current garrison in the Falkland Islands is much larger in scale and has a greater capability than in 1982 and this together with our ability to reinforce rapidly by air has been maintained. "

    Britain can do 'nothing' to prevent Argentina retaking Falkland Islands - Telegraph
  2. Don't worry, if the Falklands are invaded, each and every cut will be forgotten, millions of pounds will be put into an operation to re-take the islands, and then when it's all over Mr Cameron will say "Our government is listening, see, we do what's best for the public."

    And then there'll be loads more cuts.
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  3. Topic done to death my fine little bacha bazi boi and Woodward is talking balls.
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  4. Anyone who has been to the Falkland Islands recently and has spoken to farmers in remote settlements will know that Argentine Special Forces frequently operate on the islands. Their purpose is unknown but it wouldn't take the brains of a rocket scientist to work it out.

    This, linked to the USA's support to Argentina, and the weakness of UK Forces, should give an indicator to future events.
  5. Anyone remember about those eurofighters we've got down there?

    Argie special forces? Don't talk such bollocks man!
  6. Ah, the weekly Falklands War 2 thread.

    There is a school of thought that says "History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce".

    The Argentinians got a bellyful of tragedy in 1982. I doubt if they are ready to come back for a second helping of farce; not anytime soon anyway. There are adequate contingency plans in place in case they do.
  7. A bit like the stories of Spetsnaz creeping out of submarines and recceing the coast of Britain during the Cold War. Might have happened. But the Soviet Union is long gone and the UK is still there.......
  8. From what I've seen and read about the political situation in Argentina at the moment, the president is only making these overtures to try and up her popularity with the voters. It doesn't seem to be working though, so let's see what happens after the next election.

    Now, are there any more old news stories that someone wants to start a topical thread about? I heard that Hitler is about to invade Poland.
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  9. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Not to worry there's a 250 Megaton war head hidden in the cellar of the gull and penguin. We'll pull out as they invade and once they raise their dodgy flag we'll turn them all to ash and glass.
  10. aye well it will be empty seeing as all the ***** seem to live over here.
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  11. Oh Aye. Are the Black Helicopters are after you for announcing this to the general public? How pray tell do they get there? Swim, or use the Diesel Electrics they bought back in 1980 and are a couple of generations behind our hunter killers to get there?

    The Argenitnians haven't updated their military since the Junta left. They are still struggling with the same kit they took the Falklands with last time. An invasion is not the problem, the invertabrate ***** at the FCO combined with left wing South American Gobshites - the only people the FCO love more than the EU now the Berlin Wall fell- forcing the UK into a corner. Of course the response should be "OK Brazil, why don't you give the Argies Sao Paolo - it's the same distance away from Argentina as Port Stanley is". But as we all know the FCO won't say that.
  12. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Agreed, but a great football team

    Are the Argies part of the Muslim brotherhood now? AKs really getting into this geography stuff
  13. Placed you on ignore list, where you belong my fine Thai boy bummer.
  14. I don't honestly think, even with the US linked to Argentina, that they will authorise an assault on a British island, they certainly won't help them.
    The US doesn't want to cut all ties with Britain. Not yet, anyhow...
  15. Yeah. I suppose soon there'll be a 'Falklands II Medal' thread soon...
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