Britain buys Russian missiles

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Dec 13, 2005.

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    These missiles are being produced in Kolomna, small city 100 km South-East from Moscow. Salaries on the plant are not too high. So the UK could support Russian workers.
  2. Given that we already have the best (and most expensive) short-range ground based air defence systems in the world (HVM and Rapier FSC), I would think that these are just for evaluation to pinch ideas and look at counter-measures.
  3. [​IMG]

    The HVM Lightweight Multiple Launcher (LML)


    As I see size and weight are different.
  4. Is it just possible the Russians have a better system?

    And a bigger customer across the Shatt-al-Arab?
  5. KGB_Boy,

    That is quite an edited post there. What about...

    I think you'll find most military missiles for use in the field are rugged and have to pass environmental and physical shock tests such as these.

    Go HVM!!! :)
  6. I'm not sure. Rather Russian missiles belong to such class of anti-aircraft system that is not present in British army. Sometimes (especially in special operations) it would be effective against hostile helicopters, planes (for example used by drug-dealers).

    There are fears but there are no Russian missiles in Iraq in hands of insurgents. Probably it is true that they dream about them.

    It is true. However different weapon system are 'rugged' in different degrees. No doubt that AKM (or AK-47) is more 'rugged' than many other systems.

    As I understand you know it better. So I rely on your opinion. I have only one question: have you personal experience with Russian-made anti-aircraft systems? Probably you will have. And note that British tax-payers would not like expression 'most expensive'.

    I would like to add one more point. What do you prefer to see: Russian weapons selling to Iran, China, Syria, Venesuela or to USA, the UK, Germany and so on? In the last case Russia could be easily pressed not to sell spesific weapons to a spesific country.
  7. Are we supposed to be surprised that we undertake these Technical Acquisition Initiatives?
  8. My 2p would be that they're just plane cheaper (my I've become cynical of procurement policy
    :roll: ............where were those loyalty pills again?)
  9. Sergey, the US buys or otherwise acquires examples of most Russian kit. In fact, they've had entire squadrons of MiGs in the past.
  10. For years, the UK has for years been evaluating both soviet kit and equipment 'bought'/obtained or plain stolen from our perceived 'enemies'. How else does a country develop countermeasures?
  11. Andy! The reason is clear enough. But I mean something else. Suppose that USA would propose: we open NATO weapons market. You the Russian could sell your TOR-M1 to East Europen countries (for example) for $2bln. In return you shouldn't sell the system to Iran.

    It would be a serious business proposition.

    As to the missiles that were sold to the UK then they are the best of that sort. Of course the UK and (moreover) USA are able to develop maybe even better devices. But why? Good money could be saved just now. And what about American weapons for Russia? Why not?

    Mutual defence projects could be developed with involvement of the UK, France, Germany and so on.
  12. Well obviously Sergey you'd be speaking German if it wasn't for the vast quantitites of US weapons supplied to the USSR in WW2, so yes, there is a precedent.
  13. There are fears but there are no Russian missiles in Iraq in hands of insurgents. Probably it is true that they dream about them.

    Umm.. Then what shot up the DHL airliner at Baghdad?

    We couldn't believe it when an Iraqi showed up at our gate in a pickup truck with a bunch of SAMs in the back that he turned in (For a lot of cash) The Air Force types said they were SA-18s. Iraq wasn't supposed to have any of those, they're as modern as handhelds come.

  14. In Communist Russia, missile flies you!
  15. Soviet-made missiles that were sold to 3d countries could be in use. After collapse of Soviet Union significant number of these devices remained in Ukraine, Georgia and so on.

    Anyway, has the Administration officially complained to Russian government?