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Britain at it most vulnerable now!

It's 16.30 on a Bank Holiday Friday afternoon. Could there be any time when our nation is more vulnerable?

Every regular serviceman worth their salt will have left their duty stations hours ago and the reserves won't be playing this weekend either. I'm certain that if an aggressor turned up on our shores looking for a fight right now they'd only get the MOD answerphone.

Just an observation, I don't expect anyone to respond before 10.30 on Tuesday. Go on, have the weekend off - what's the worst that could happen?

there's always someone left - hooped. mk
Be reassured I had 15 PCSO's and traffic wardens on duty, along with a couple of Stroppy PC's who have spent their careers in places like Brixton or Kings Cross and can handle anything European armies can throw at them. :D

Can I stand down for a couple of hours please, as I've got a bad case of the running sh*ts.

Oh er now I've got wind!!

Oh it's ok now, I've evac’d my bowels!!

Which end of this gun is the dangerous bit?
No problems, I'm back in the UK at the moment, and even they don't think they are hard enough.

Anyway, where did I leave my rose wine and box of quality street. Ooh, friends is on E4, Racheal is my favorite.

Darn it, I've just broke a nail.

(This Civydom is really starting to effect me)


Book Reviewer
Let me know when it's safe to come back will you? Tell me when that nasty man Bliar and his henchman Broon are dead too.
Blyth_spirit said:
It's 16.30 on a Bank Holiday Friday afternoon. Could there be any time when our nation is more vulnerable?
Used to happen every year if I recall correctly:

Twas called the Rhine Army Summer Show.

50,000 troops in one place.... Arrsed

YeeeeeeHaaaaaaaa :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Fear not citizens. I spent many years facing down the red menace. Hell, I even penetrated commie territorial waters in a warship during the Cold War (OK - it was foggy, our Decca navigator was stuffed and there was no GPS in those days but it's the thought that counts).

This green and pleasant land will be safe until Tuesday morning. Our great nation need fear nothing while Ancient_Mariner can still munch on a Werthers Original.

(By the way - it's going to pi$$ down on Sunday. If anybody fancies coming round and clearing my gutters I'd be very grateful. I'd do it myself but I can't manage to get up the ladder any more)
slopsjon said:
Legion_n_aire said:
I'm really not sure anyone would want to invade at the moment - so don't panic.
That's what they said at Rorke's Drift and look what happened, they burnt the naafi down.



Glad to see some of ARRSE's finest prose is generated just after the pubs close.

In vino veritas.

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