Britain and France supporting Islamic extremists in Libya

Discussion in 'Syria, Mali, Libya, Middle East & North Africa' started by protectyourself, Jul 30, 2011.

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  1. It is possibly looking like the Libyan rebels have been infiltrated by Islamic fundamentalists (quite possible also that they were welcomed with open arms in the hope of Gaddafi being deposed)

    Now if the UK and France are now supplying arms and resources to the rebels, thus helping the Islamic extremists, what future has the Libyan revolt got now? Will the fundamentalists turn on the rebels and attempt to turn Benghazi into an Islamic state? Have the rebels created a Golem in their fundamental allies.

    I may be way off the mark, if so just delete this thread, but I am not sure that the game of poker we have been playing in Libya will benefit the Libyan people any more. Although I do believe that good has certainly been done, and lives saved.

    The general who died in Libya (was assasinated) at his funeral his son called out bring back Gaddafi.

    Will be interesting to see how the situation develops, my thinking is that a new conflict between the rebels and their fundamentalist friends will break out, closely followed by begging calls to Gaddafi to come and save them.
  2. Libyan rebles are Islamists, its not the first time of the progressive western nations to be supporting unsavory characters to overthrow well established Muslim secular rulers, under the disguise of oppression etc.

    Its all for the oil, water and influence.
  3. Oh shut up, you fucktard.

    The Arab Spring has shown that the vast majority of moderate Muslims are not interested in that sort of sh1t. They want a fair go and some freedom. I was in Tripoli in Jan just before this kicked off and the average Joe on the street is a polite, respectful and kind individual. They are an oppressed people and want shut of a despotic and insane leader. There is an undercurrent in Tripoli that is too scared to stand up at the moment because of the state apparatus. Once the rebels get within artillery range, the whole thing will collapse like a pack of cards and you'll see Gaddafi swinging from a lamp post in Green Square (just like the murderer that slotted Karzai's brother in your scented paradise of a country). Of course the Islamist will see it as an opportunity, but Libya is far too secular to accept that sort of regime.

    You really do talk out of your clacker don't you?
  4. What were you doing in Tripoli? In Jan, just before this kicked off
  5. Er, the in the first paragraphy you build a hypothesis. There is no evidence you put forward.

    In the second paragraph you treat your hypothesis as established fact.

    Any proof of either claim?

    Sadly, I have no first hand experience of this. It seems unlikely given the thorough repression of Islamist groups in Libya, unlike (say) the bubbling undercurrent in Egypt for decades or the violent recent past in Algeria.

    May I respectfully direct your attention to this open source information, as no-one here's going to put up anything more interesting and confidential (or am I just a suspicious cynic?)

    Making Sense of Libya - International Crisis Group
  6. Quote from 'Making sense of Libya - International Crisis Group' -- "This will require a ceasefire between the regime and the Transitional National Council, the deployment of a peacekeeping force to monitor and guarantee this under a UN mandate!"

    "An American professor says that the UN should send peacekeeping forces to Libya to monitor the situation, which would make US military intervention in Libya unnecessary".

    Aah! I see. Peace Keepers under the auspices of the UN perhaps? So which nations troops will be 'volunteered'? One wonders if Mr Call-Me-Dave might get ideas to volunteer British Military as part of any Peace Keeper duties. The Italians and Germans as part of NATO won't be too keen to get involved (too much recent history from WW2 even though it was over 66 years ago).

    So, as far as Libya is concerned - Peace Keepers, Nation Building, Retraining the New Libyan Army and Police and Security Forces. Oh Dear. Another 'Ghanistan, and years of tours in dusty hot places, flies and sweaty nights in the desert for UK Troops perhaps?? (Oh, yes... and all that oil. Dubyas chums of Haliburton Corp. maybe come in to 'organise' Libyan oil fields???)

    Oh Dear, I can be very cynical on a dreich damp day...