Britain after the riots,what needs to change?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Le_addeur_noir, Aug 14, 2011.

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  1. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Now the dust has settled after the riots(at least for now),what changes need to take place?.

    From the standpoint of the law,I would advocate the following,

    Benefits,all claimants will at the commencement of any claim be made aware that in the event of any arrest said claim will be suspended and upon conviction said claim terminated.

    Public housing,same as above,tenants will sign a contract which calls for the eviction of tenants upun any conviction.

    Legal aid,criminal cases will no longer be funded by the taxpayer.

    Prison,with very few exeptions,maximum terms will be handed down of which at least 80% of the term of the sentence will be served.The luxuary element of prisons will be eliminated.Hard-core prisoners will be tramsferred to a new prison complex to be built in South Georgia.

    Long term unemployment,especially of those who are deemed to be workshy,the establishment of the workhouse system abolished in the 1930s will be used to cure this problem.

    Human Rights Act,abolished.

    European Court of Human Rights,in future ignored and this insitiution will have no inflence over British law.

    Police,the sacking forwith of so-called 'namby-pamby' chief Constables and replacement by hard-line officers.The Singapore model of law-enforcement will be followed.

    Anyone like to add to the above?.

    Without radical change,Britain faces a grim future,so the old ways of perpetual benefits and soft laws when dealing with the vile benefit scrounging chavscum element is no longer an option.
  2. The removal of a tier of senior Police management, who failed the taxpayers of this nation when they lost control of our cities on Monday night following 2 nights of rioting. We need people who can manage police officers running the police forces, not glorified psychiatrists and social workers, who are always more worried about hurting rioters than protecting the public.
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  3. The removal of tokenism.

    Im Angle Jute and Celt but Im not able to put that on my Government forms because it was so long ago in our history it isnt deemed to matter anymore. SO when are we going to see government and EQ an Div people remove the hundred different racial denominations Im offered to tick boxes for. I note Flemish and Huguenot are not govt admissable ancestries either, so as these foreign absorbed cultures are deemed to have aassimilated the sooner we stop talking about race and jsut get on with lives the better.

    Secondly, Stop the support to Omni culturalism. If people dont learn English is it any surprise that there children cant speak it, If we want kids to master English get them to learn it and help their parents ill out the Benefits council electoral and medical forms. If you can move here from Durka durkistan, receive all your British government and council documents in Durkinese buy Durkinese meals and live in a Durkinese enclave is it any wsurprise they dont cohabit? Bi Lingual street signs and the like create Mono cultured Ghettoes. BIN IT!

    Thirdly, prepare for a storm, we have bribed the proleteriat into submission for the last thirty years by giving them so much they feel its an entitlement. Now that htey have bitten the hand that feeds them and the apologist benefactor has decided to fight back the proles are going to kick off, which naturally will lead to more demand for "understanding" and "compassion" which of course will work if it is exercised as holidays youth centres and appeasement.

    - Carry on with hte cuts, none of the riots were about cuts. The govt closed the libraries but no one looted Waterstones! So evidently theuy arent concerned with losing access to books or education.

    Do not appease this scum or its apologists, "An appeaser feeds the crocodiles in the hope that they will eat him last"
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  4. I just made this post in another thread but its probably more suited here so I will copy and paste it over:

    This is just another incident that is both a symptom of and helped contribute to a complete loss of faith in our ruling elite. I think people looking at just the riots in themselves have got it wrong- we need to be looking at this in the context of everything else that has come to light about the way this country is run over the last few years (Or decades). There is wide scale disillusionment, not just among the youth.

    I think the main problem, not just among rioters like this, but amongst an increasingly large segment of the population, is a complete loss of faith in politics and those who rule us. People don't feel listened to and don't feel they can make a difference.

    I am not surprised. We are primarily ruled by two main parties (Who care first and foremost about retaining ower) who take turns to rule through a voting system that doesn't leave anyone else with a chance and effectively goes against the majority wish of the country as a whole. Even when you do go out and vote, more often then not you may as well not have bothered, and even if the party you voted for is lucky enough to get in power on some minority vote they often don't live up to their promises. On top of all that you have politicians who have been at the mercy of Murdoch, politicians taking tax-funded expenses, bankers who have robbed this country to a far greater extent then these looters not only not being held accountable but actually getting tax payer funded bonuses!

    I think these are feelings of discontent that could be at least partly solved through some fairly (For this country anyway) radical changes to the political system. A much greater level of devolution from Westminster to elected local bodies is needed in my opinion. I find it interesting that the question 'why didn't these riots spread to Wales, Scotland and N.Ireland' hasn't really been asked.

    I am not saying its the main reason, but I think people who live in these places have more faith in their devolved government bodies and they have a genuine alternative to Westminster who people feel increasingly disconnected with, not just in Wales, Scotland and N.Ireland but in England. People in England don't have a choice in the matter- its a choice between the bunch of ********* sitting in Westminster that fewer and fewer like or have any faith in, and complete isolation from the political system.

    Bear in mind I am not just talking about these riots and the rioters (Who I don't believe have any real political motive other then a feeling of complete detachment from the system) but the general discontent of the population. Moving the political decisions to a more local level with people in those localities getting a direct say on the matters that really effect them would not only give a feeling of more power over the government (After all, a vote in a local election ultimately counts for more then one in a national election) and it would also force people to get involved in the Community and build those Community links which everyone is talking about. Different areas have vastly different problems that some blanket policy covering the entire country from Westminster isn't going to solve.

    Other important areas that need to be fixed; economic inequality which has been rapidly growing since the 70's and 80's, constant bombardment by a culture of consumerism, welfare dependency, unemployment, a generation of (Often very young) parents passing on their values (Or lack of them) onto their kids
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  5. Something alog these lines will have to happen

    If not, now that Cameron has got his headlines on having ensured tough punishment for looters, there will shortly be a mass of quietly successful appeals by scrotes and their lawyers claiming that their punishment has been "cruel and unusual".

    I saw one case on the BBC website who had over 100 convictions for all sorts of things but who had never even been close to risking going to prison until the riots and looting.

    I'm all for hammering scum but it's got to be done consistently otherwise the law is a knee jerking Ass.
  6. The creation of a British CRS: a national, para-military force that can be deployed quickly to give expert back up to "normal" police. It was the police "surge" that pacified London, but these kind of numbers cannot be sustained for an extended period of time. Not with the finite pool of officers we have to draw on. And that's before the Cuts start.

    If at all possible, this new force should be on-line in time for the Olympics; just possible if the money and political will are there. Because otherwise every city in the UK will be stripped bare of Public Order and Armed Response units when the Met invokes Mutual Aid. And you'd better believe the scum will have learned from these riots. The now know just how difficult it is for the police to stop them from looting, burning and killing. It will be open season across the whole ****ing country.
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  7. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    2 scumbags up before the beak the other day got 3 years 9 months for burgulary and they were aged 23 and had 25 previous convictions each."people" like this should be prime candidates for life in a vile prison in South Georgia.

    The idea of the criminal justice system should be to deter others and remove scum from the streets for the protection of the law-abiding citizens of Britain.The interests of those convicted should not be a factor of any sentencing.
  8. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Because no one has ever been wrongly arrested or convicted?

    So feel free to wreck the place as long as you're mortgaged.

    Why? Serious question. If you're skint you're not allowed a qualified representative?

    Right wing wankfest. Prison is to both deter and rehabilitate.

    Are we including the disabled in this little fantasy world? Carers?

    Because the right to live free from torture, the right to an education and the right to a fair trial are fundamentally over-rated.

    Despite us being instrumental in setting it up.

    What a pile of unexpurgated Torygraph bollocks. Why don't you go for a lie down?
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  9. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Funding for the police needs to be increased.

    3 areas this extra funding should come from,

    1 Benefits.These should be stopped for those who have never worked and immigrants.If you do not pay in,you cannot draw out.

    2 Foreign aid.Need I say more?,the shares in BMW and Mercedes must have rose smartly when CMD announced a 40% hike in foreign aid.Reduce this by at least 80%.

    3 The EU.Another corrupt waste of space calling for cuts.

    These 3 areas should yield funds for the expansion of the police(which should again be a force and not a service).
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  10. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    YOU obviously want to live in a failing state.

    you seem to be content with the status quo,so you had better be prepared for more riots,and to pay more tax to clear up the mess.

    40 plus years of liberal policies have not worked.Time to stop the rot,before more riots where the death toll may well be much worse.

    A couple of other points,

    Prepare to pay more in the shops for items stolen by these thugs.

    Prepare for a far more invasive surveillence enviroment in the UK as the powers to be increase snooping into every area they can to forstall further rioting.The technology will soon exist(if it does not already) to record every phone call,text and other electronic communication made in Britain.

    So for the sake and rights of the scum,everyone has to suffer to protect their rights.

    As said before liberal policies have failed and the present rioting is a greater threat to Britain than Islamic terrorism.
  11. "Prison is to both deter and rehabilitate"

    Something it seems to utterly fail to do successfully under the current regime

    "Because the right to live free from torture, the right to an education and the right to a fair trial are fundamentally over-rated"

    Im not sure that the HRA brought these rights into being, these "rights" were here long before the HRA was even thought up.

  12. ACPO to be declared a subversive organisation and required to disband.
  13. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    So come on then; justify your points. What, fundamentally, do you object to regarding the Human Rights Act?

    The right to live free of torture, the right to a fair trial or the right to life? Or were you just posting right wing balls to get you to climax?
  14. i dont think the answer is throw them in the nick, what are we going to do make a new australia? we dont have enough space in our jails to put the majority inside, and if we did wouldnt them cells be better reserved for rapists, murderers, and pedophiles?

    stopping peoples claims is a good idea but i can probably say that the majority wouldnt have any problems getting hooked up and start selling bags of smack to school childeren.

    so what is the ideal way of stamping out scummish chavery? id be****ed if i know, i say give them the old gulag treatment and get some tax free labour for a while.

    do something that will really make them think twice before stepping out of line again.

    there is my pennies worth anyway
  15. Bring back flogging & hanging with a touch of an 'eye for an eye'.... hang on that's Sharia... scrub the last two.