Britain’s most disgusting person

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Father_Famine, Aug 20, 2010.

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  1. The article also states she was sucking someone off when the police arrived top bird in my opinion
  2. No pictures of the dirty skank though!
  3. She is due to be sentenced today, so watch this space
  4. Sadly, not even fcuking close. The Title has to go to the untermench who battered a 90 year old WWII veteran so badly that he died of his injuries. For the princely sum of £40 the ex-SOE agent had been carrying.

    This stupid(and no doubt gopping)hoore is'nt even in the Top Ten, I'm afraid.
  5. From a cast of thousands you can see on most High Streets every weekend in this country, one will always rise to the top of the shiteheap.
  6. What the f*ck are you doing reading "Closer"???
  7. At least she gave a blowjob afterwards, maybe he was a veteran just standing there reading the names. What? what?
  8. After hearing the story on radio, I googled "woman urinating on war memorial" to try to find a picture, and that was the first story the NHS SEcurity blanket would let me look at. After finding out where it was I can give you:
    Outrage over cenotaph abuse - Blackpool Today

    What is "Closer" anyway?
  9. Sure.. Your secret is safe :p
  10. Just heard on the local news bulletin, prior to sentencing she told the magistrates that she'd left her front door open and got leave to go home to sort it out. She hasn't come back! They are giving her another half hour and then issuing a warrant for her arrest. Stupid bint!
  11. Sorry about the delay, just had to go back and check a little bit "Closer", it wanted to know my height and weight on its front page, so I delved a little bit, its full of oompaloompas, well they're all fucking orange.
  12. Good Effort
  13. Not the sort to take home and meet mum then?
  14. Thought this would be about FiveAlpha and his bum licking activities!:)