Brit TV & Radio Stars: Old Favourites and Why

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Tremaine, Sep 26, 2009.

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  1. Listening to Radio 2 today, and Bernard Cribbins was mentioned. Hardly hear of him now **Edit: thats horlicks because he's in Dr Who, apparently**, but remembered surely for TV, voices (Wombles), Films, and about three records
    * "Hole In The Ground" (1962)
    * "Right Said Fred" (1962)
    * "Gossip Calypso" (1962)
    A few old actors of the past did a few voices, sometimes unrecognised.
    Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier, David Jason. et al.

    Old Radio voices, Kenny Williams, The Goons, Hancock, etc.

    Get my drift? Reminds me of what we've lost. Could make a thread....
  2. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Peter sellers, goodness gracious me with the ultra sexy Sophia Loren
  3. Bernard Cribbins hardly heard from? I take it your not a Doctor Who fan then?
  4. ....first appeared in Doctor Who in the 1966 film, Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150AD. Also filming this year. Apologies to him and to you :wink: Carry on...
  5. The other goon. Michael Bentine.

    Potty time what a classic.
  6. Have to agree with that
    "Goons" for the under 11's
  7. Bagpuss. Oliver Postgate made and voiced a whole raft of kids cartoons, from a cowshed in Kent. 8O
  8. Radio voices Lesley Philips and John Pertwee (left hand down a bit) in Navy Lark
  9. Madeleine Smith from the Carry On and Hammer series has she had/has a great set of norks.

    I liked also the Goons shows which I heard on the radio BFBS and BBC R2/R4 on Long Wave ,briefly caught the Goodies TV shows on visits to meet the grandparents. There was a lot of comedy stuff on BFBS in the 70s which probably originated on BBC R4/R2 like"The Men from the Ministry", "Hello Cheeky" and "The Clitheroe Kid".

    I liked that show where you had to talk for 60 seconds without repetition, deviation etc. , not sure what it was called but Clement Freud and Kenneth Williams always seemed to be on it.Was it called "Just a Minute"???

    From the Carry on Films I thought Sid James was the funniest.
  10. All togother now BFG pers on night shift/guard etc

    BFBS, BFBS, BFBS UK da da da dahhh
    BFBS UK WITH TOMMY VANCE do do, do do
    He plays the music to make you dance
    BFBS UK with Tommy Vance dah dah
  11. And an ex Paratrooper! Check his maroon wooly hat and cap badge worn for a purpose!

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  12. Gus Honeybun
  13. A Rabbit puppet "second only to Sooty" and allegedly discovered under a gorse bush on Dartmoor in 1961 :D Gus Honeybun was filmed at Westward/TSW's Plymouth studios in the Derry's Cross part of the city. Anyone know where that studio was or is :? Is he still on Atlantic FM?