Brit squaddie attacked while on leave.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Jul 4, 2007.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP


    A HERO soldier who survived seven months in war-torn Iraq was beaten unconscious by a gang of thugs in his home town.

    James Wright was punched, kicked and had his head stamped on in the unprovoked attack by 20 boozed-up youths after a night out with his brother....

    After surviving months of attacks in Iraq,to come home to this is f*cking disgaceful!Get well James.
  2. disgusting morons, get well soon mate
  3. Chav scum , why dont things like this suprise me anymore. This poor excuse of a country needs a feckin big boot up the arrse.

  4. Scumbags. They have to fight in packs. Get them on their own and it's a different situation.
  5. Problem is that if he has given them a proper going over then he would have been sued by the perents becasue "My little Wayne wouldn't hurt nuffin"
  6. A fookin disgrace!

    You spend 7 months in the sandy place avoiding all kinds of seriously dodgy shyte only to come back home and get that kind of thank you for your efforts!!

    Sometimes this country has me dumbstruck in it's appreciation of it's military.
  7. "The people who did this are pathetic. They would not have the courage to fight in a war."

    to bloody right. i would love to see the "thugs" bravado when the sh*t hit the fan and the lad's platoon came after them. chav scum!
  8. Cnuts where is the police and CCTV too stop this kind of thing ..... yer right. Hope that james is recovering well an the plod so wanna get this one too court :shakefist:
  9. Disgusting!

    But - where is the context - fighting on leave is an occupational hazard. If he's been attacked for being a squaddie then yes it's fcuking disgusting, but we've all kicked off at some point haven't we? All the story says is that it was unprovoked - therefore could've been a joe civ as the victim if it was so random - would we have been so up in arms then? What if it had been the other way around?

    NAAFI Bar posts would probably have been 'good drills'.
  10. Probably not.
  11. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    ARRSE crawl in Arnold anyone?
  12. Who knows at this point, given the propensity for emasculated men on nights out it seems he may have been attacked just because he was there rather than for who he was. It's disgusting, it's beyond words if it was due to him being a squaddie. I hope these pigs are brought to justice. It makes me sick to hear about assault after assault by packs of effeminate 'men' (or boys rather) who couldn't open a bread bin alone without calling on a legion of their chums - which is usually the entire council estate.

    As someone else has said seperate and isolate them (much like with Jihadists) and you easily break them. They're weak-minded, ineffectual and pathetic. They should use these ******* as fodder to trip mines and IEDs.
  13. You don't think these sh*theads have any appreciation for their military do you northern??? As far as these tw*ts see it, James is just a mug who wears a green suit to work. They wouldn't know anything about service, honour or simple human decency!!!

    Why oh why can't we have 'hard labour' jail sentences in this country???
  14. So are you saying people on here would be ok with 20 drunk idiots all kicking the sh*t out of a civvie??? ....

    This callsign for a start wouldnt be and I really dont think for one second any other non-trolling members would either.

    20 / 1 .. Good drills? yer right, cowardly scum that should have been put down at birth more like.

    I hope James recovers quickly and the Police get to the other 18 after his Section have done the initial interviews...
  15. One of our lads wandered off in Nottingham and the same thing happened to him - Because he was a soldier. Talking to others up there, it's not uncommon for gangs to target soldiers.

    And yes, if a gang of 20 kicked fcuk into a civvie, I would be "up in arms" as you put it. Unless it was Blair.